Franchise Solutions to Grow your Business

Franchise Solutions to Grow your Business

Nov 22,2016 By

Let’s say that you run a franchise business and it has become fairly successful. The product or service you provide is in high demand and well regarded. Great! Now, let’s say that you’re looking to grow your business, say, through franchise development. And let’s even suppose that others are interested in becoming franchisees in your business. Super! Everything’s peachy, right?

Well, maybe not. Even if all of that goes right for you, how are you going to manage your growing business? How are you going to ensure you are growing your business at a sustainable rate? How do you maximize the number of people who see and learn about your business? And how do you keep everybody, franchisor and franchisees alike, on the same page? You need some franchise solutions to grow your business and here are some of your best options:

  • Franchise Development
    To ensure a successful franchise development you need a Franchise Development Module that will maximize your amount of time to contact prospects by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks. You will need to track communication, send out disclosure documents, schedule tasks and events, log calls and track lead sources for franchise candidates, not to mention managing the relationships and tracking leads from franchise brokers or consultants.  These are hallmarks for not just any CRM, but a CRM designed specifically for Franchise Development needs.
  • Franchise Performance
    A good Franchise Performance Module simplifies the management of processing royalties and other fees, help you to easily manage franchise areas or territories, and provide you with dynamic reports to analyze growth and every financial aspect of your system. In addition, tracking royalty streams from regions that fall under an Area Representative or a Regional Developer are important because the royalty structure for those regions may be different.
  • Lead Management
    You need to keep track of your leads to turn leads into sales quickly and easily. These are leads for people that actually need your franchisees’ services or products.Essentially a CRM that resides on both sides of the house, the franchise development side and the consumer facing side. A Lead Management Module can help you do this with simple tools to capture lead information, a seamless importing of lead details, and a referral source tracker, among other features.
  • Marketing
    A good franchise solution for marketing will involve a customizable email campaign builder so you can tailor your email marketing to suit your every need, a marketing collateral manager such as a digital library to keep everyone consistent with brand messaging and designs, and flexibility so marketing can be done via email or SMS based on the customers; preferences.
  • Employee Management
    A franchise solution with a good Employee Management Module will simplify your communication with your employees, provide schedules for tasks and events, and eliminate scheduling conflicts and notify you about overlapping shifts, overtime, and the like. In addition, it must house all employee data so you can have all information at your fingertips.  This solution again must be able to work for the Franchisor and the franchisees.
  • Customer Management
    A franchise solution with a Customer Management Module that provides you with a seamless conversion of leads into customers, simplifies communication with customers, and grants you intuitive customer invoice and statement generation, among other things, is a major asset.
  • Franchise Management
    A good Franchise Management Module will be a part of any decent franchise solution and with it you can track active franchises, inactive franchisees, easily manage territories awarded and anniversary dates, and generate key summary reports.
  • Franchise Support
    Automation of frequent tasks such as ticket assignment and closure, a secure help desk, and an updatable FAQ for repeated tasks are just some of the franchise support features of excellent franchise solutions.
  • Intranet
    An Intranet Module that allows seamless integration with third-party applications for uninterrupted workflow, digital libraries for franchise related information, and private libraries for individual use, among other things, is an integral part of franchise solutions.

Franchise solutions

As you can no doubt see by now, you need top of the line franchise solutions if you are to have success in growing your business. All of the above modules and features are part of the franchise solutions offered by FranchiseSoft. To learn more or get started, contact us today!