Marketing Your Kitchen Remodeling Franchise: 3 Ways FranchiseSoft Helps Build Local Leads

Marketing Your Kitchen Remodeling Franchise: 3 Ways FranchiseSoft Helps Build Local Leads

Jun 22,2017 By

As the Baby Boomer population continues to grow, the demand for remodeling services continues to climb to new heights. As a result, kitchen franchises across the country are seeking out local marketing strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition.

In today’s post, we highlights three ways our franchise sales & marketing solutions help remodelers generate more local leads.

Keep Your Local Advertising On-Target

When it comes to advertising, too many people confuse visibility with effectiveness. While it’s great to get more eyes on your promotion, effective advertising is all about relevance. To give you an example, it wouldn’t matter if you dumped millions into television ads for your kitchen remodeling company if they only ran during children’s programming time slots.

While creating your local ads, take the time to define a target audience. Today, the remodeling industry is driven largely by Baby Boomers, so your advertising should address their needs and use a language, tone, and style that resonates with this demographic.

Of course, demographic demand changes all the time; Millennials are nearing the typical homeowner age. With that in mind, the best local marketing campaigns understand that they must constantly analyze performance metrics and adapt their strategies accordingly. Adaptive strategies for local marketing mean more leads, impressions, and conversions for your kitchen remodeling company.

In order to keep your local advertising adaptive and on-target, FranchiseSoft provides intuitive reports and marketing analytics as often as you need them. These user-friendly reports tell you which promotions are working, explaining in detail how every advertising dollar worked for you. Best of all, they are mobile-accessible via the cloud, so you can turn your next commute or quiet moment into a productive strategy.

Increase Your Local Marketing Output With Intuitive Ad Builders

Though relevant, high-quality marketing is always the primary goal, it’s also important to keep up with your competitors in terms of sheer output. Failing to keep your franchise’s advertising fresh and current means losing ground to big national companies who can afford to flood the field with new flyers, radio spots, and community events each week.

So how is a single kitchen remodeling franchise owner supposed to keep up? It’s a tall task even with the support of a franchise system, but FranchiseSoft’s customizable ad builders make it easy. Our builder uses high-performance templates as a starting point, then gives you the ability to customize your content, features, size, and appearance to target the needs of your intended demographic. Designed to optimize our users’ outreach and minimize man-hours involved in learning and production, FranchiseSoft has helped remodeling franchises across America maintain their competitive advertising edge.

Engage Your Local Community With Streamlined Social Media

Your remodeling franchise’s social media assets are one of the best places to share success stories, interact with clients and prospects, and resolve customer complaints. Over 900-million people are registered to Facebook, and that number probably includes the majority of residents in your area. Generally speaking, the more effort you expend engaging the locals on the social media, the greater your community presence and number of new leads will be.

However, given the variety of things you can do on social media, it is likely that your franchisees have multiple accounts across multiple platforms.  To keep these all facing the same direction, utilize the digital library to upload all approved creative, sized to the appropriate size by platform, to keep a consistent brand image.  Furthermore, utilize the communication tools in FranchiseSoft to share you’re your franchisees hot topics or news that they can share on their own social channels.  Doing this allows you toincrease your content output and engagements each month.

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