The FranchiseSoft Standard: What to Expect from your Franchise Communication Software

The FranchiseSoft Standard: What to Expect from your Franchise Communication Software

Jul 10,2019 By

Today’s post touches on 2 ways that FranchiseSoft’s franchise communication software saves you time and money. Read on for a glimpse of what our solution has to offer, and learn why you shouldn’t settle for anything that falls short of the “FranchiseSoft standard.”

Centralized communications for speedy response time

FranchiseSoft’s franchise communication software lets you make calls, compose emails, reach out using our internal messaging system, and send SMS messages from a single dashboard. That same dashboard also instantly informs you of new messages received through any of these channels, along with new Google My Business reviews or DMs on social platforms. In this way, FranchiseSoft acts as a powerful communication node that connects you to all of your web assets, clients, leads, staff, and field service workers simultaneously. This greatly reduces response time, enables faster approvals and troubleshooting for field service workers, and improves customer relations.

Effortlessly accommodate client communication preferences

In 2019, a large chunk of the Millennial population despises and actively ignores phone calls. According to a study by BankMyCell, which polled over 1200 respondents, Millennials view phone calls as too time-consuming, disruptive, and presumptuous compared to a succinct SMS update. For this reason, many small business sites recommend that you never cold-call a Millennial–even if they’ve booked a job with you and you’re simply trying to confirm the appointment. In many cases, it comes off as intrusive–what seems like an innocent call really sets off an incessant vibration that demands that person’s full attention in that moment.

So what’s a service-based franchise to do? How do you maintain communication with your clients in 2019 without violating this strange new social etiquette?

Turn to texting! Text messages are now considered a primary form of communication. And according to the State of Two-Way Business Texting 2018 study, more than half of customers (56%) now expect text communication with business owners during the course of a job.

For instance, a pest control service franchise owner might be expected to answer questions, provide service call reminders, and give updates on their progress or ETA via text throughout the course of the day.

And while this may seem like a lot of unnecessary thumb-action, it’s actually quite efficient–no more phone tag is needed. Texting is faster, which means your service men and women can send their updates then get back to work right away, without getting sucked into conversation with chatty clients.  And texting boasts a 98% open rate, which is head-and-shoulders above that of email and voicemail.

FranchiseSoft’s franchise communication software makes it easier than ever to accommodate your client’s text preferences. Our franchise communication software lets you effortlessly log, review, and send messages in any format–SMS, email, or phone–all from a single messaging hub. All correspondence is archived automatically, so you can pause that conversion, pending sale, or customer service task anytime, then pick up right where you left off without missing a beat. This auto-archiving feature also helps resolve disputes and enable better employee performance reviews, since you can scroll back and review correspondence at any time.

Additionally, you may use a voice-to-text option for hands-free texting capabilities. Alternately, you can create text templates and automated messages that are triggered at certain points of the workflow. I

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