What Are The Advantages Of Franchise Software?

What Are The Advantages Of Franchise Software?

Mar 13,2020 By

Franchise software architecture is specifically designed to meet the needs of franchisors. Today’s post digs into the value of FranchiseSoft’s cloud-based solution for franchisees and franchisors alike.

Why Is Franchise Software Cloud-based?

FranchiseSoft is cloud-based, which means that our franchise software applications run on shared computing resources via the internet. These resources are housed in remote data centers.

FranchiseSoft has implemented cloud technology to maximize efficiency, security and brand consistency; simplify scalability; and enhance business growth. And it also saves you money.

Let’s review!

Cloud-based Franchise Software Lowers Costs Upfront

Unlike traditional computing infrastructure, cloud-based franchise software is typically leased by month rather than purchased outright and maintained on premises. This is less expensive for the franchise software provider–in part because you only pay for what you need–and it allows us to pass savings onto you by offering lower upfront costs compared to traditional software solutions.

FranchiseSoft also combines the functionality of several leading software solutions, which consolidates your franchise software costs into a manageable monthly fee.

Cloud-based Franchise Software Requires Lower Maintenance Costs And Downtime

Cloud-based computing can be maintained and updated remotely with a few clicks, which eliminates the need for frequent hardware repairs and replacements. Plus you can get all the IT support you need directly from the FranchiseSoft data center, reducing the labor cost and response time of all IT services.

More efficient maintenance also translates to less franchise software downtime, which reduces productivity losses.

Cloud-based Franchise Software Makes For More Efficient Setup

Forget lugging towers, monitors, and keyboards from place to place. Setting up new offices or work stations is as easy as logging into your secure cloud franchise software server from any device with internet access.

Cloud-based Franchise Software Simplifies Franchise Scaling

With FranchiseSoft, it’s easy to adjust the amount of cloud service and module access you need as your company’s computing or storage needs fluctuate. Just contact our team and make the request, and it’ll all be handled remotely. Moreover, the ability to access the system from anywhere makes it easy for companies to scale and expand geographically–the internet is everywhere, even if your office hardware isn’t.

Cloud-based Franchise Software Maximizes Security

FranchiseSoft users enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing their data is 100% secure, backed up in a remote server with a disaster recovery plan in place. That means your digital assets are completely safe from any flooding, fires, or other hardware damage. In the event of a disaster, you can simply relocate for the day–maybe to a local library, internet cafe, home computer, or even using your smartphone–sign in, and get back to work!

Cloud-based Franchise Software Simplifies The Struggle Of ‘Brand Consistency’

Keeping your franchisees on the same page can be a challenge, but it’s made much easier with cloud-based franchise software. With a few clicks, you can synchronize brand marketing copy, training materials, limited-time promotional campaign runs, and all other branded franchise materials. You can also upload all relevant reference materials to your private cloud-based intranet server, which franchisees can access whenever they need to double-check on something.

How Does Franchise Software Specifically Benefit The Franchisor?

Having briefly overviewed some of the general benefits of cloud-based franchise software, this section will discuss some of the franchisor-specific perks of the FranchiseSoft solution.

This is what really counts. After all, most generic retail software systems will work just fine for single-unit franchisees. Franchisors are the ones that need franchise-specific tools and features to help them manage nationwide supply chains and business systems. So when you’re shopping for franchise software, look closely at the franchisor benefits–they’re the make or break features.

Franchise Software Lets Franchisors Optimize Inventory And Supply Chains

FranchiseSoft gives the franchisor complete corporate-level inventory visibility, which means you can assess your collective franchise resources at a glance and manage them with a few clicks.

We always look for automation opportunities, so we gave franchisors the option to automate inventory management based on preset min/max inventory level settings. This automatic stock replenishment tool can be used across the entire franchise chain, which in turn yields valuable historical data on individual franchisees that can help with long-term planning and budgeting. Automating replenishment in this way also frees up more time for the franchisor to manually evaluate, interpret, and synthesize data for better management outcomes.

Franchise Software Enables Conflict-free, Real-time Franchise Monitoring

Franchisors need to monitor the performance of individual franchise locations in order to spot potential opportunities, avoid threats, and address any problems affecting sales. But hovering over your franchisees’ shoulders isn’t the answer–in fact, this invasive management style can really hurt morale and even lower productivity by creating conflicts in the workplace. Moreover, physically monitoring individual franchisees, either in person or by combing through historical reports, is extremely labor intensive. Quite frankly, most franchisors have better things to do than micromanage individual locations–like grow the brand, for instance!

Franchise software is the answer. Franchisors can monitor individual franchise unit performance in real-time via any device with internet access. Compare sales and supply chains to identify problems and set smarter management goals. When you’re ready to take action, reach out directly to the franchise owner via our internal messaging system, and even send them reports and dashboard readouts to substantiate your concerns. If brushing up on training materials is the answer, you can instantly send those to the franchise owner, then monitor their progress through the module you’ve assigned.

Historical information also allows you to spot problems early, space out in-person inspections, and make them faster and more efficient when they’re needed.

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Truth be told, we’ve hardly scratched the surface regarding the value and functionality of our franchise software solution. 1000 words is nowhere near enough to cover it all.

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