Does Your Franchise Accounting Software Really Save You Money?

Does Your Franchise Accounting Software Really Save You Money?

Jun 21,2019 By

We all want to save time and money, and most products claim they have the answer. But how many really do?

Today’s post explains 3 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software really lives up to this marketing copy cliché.

Franchise accounting software adds convenience and eliminates costly human errors.

If you run a service-based franchise, you know all about the challenges involved with coordinating a mobile workforce. Your employees aren’t kept under the watchful eye of a manager; instead, they’re scattered around town, moving from one job site to another with only intermittent communication.

Without adequate franchise accounting software, there’s simply no way to manage the finances of this mobile workforce. Every employee becomes a banker and bookkeeper until they pull in at the end of the day. And even the most trustworthy of employees can make mistakes–the kinds that cause serious accounting headaches. Indeed, over the course of a hectic day’s work, it’s not uncommon for staff to lose receipts, flub invoices, or even misplace the money paid for a job.

Having service-based franchise experience ourselves, we set out to design franchise accounting software that could ameliorate these issues. Our cloud-based system allows any employee to access accounting bill and process invoices on-site from a verified mobile device. All relevant accounting data is automatically ported into QuickBooks and integrated into your next scheduled auto-generated report.

The added convenience that on-site billing provides customers may be enough to win some sales from the competition. But this feature also saves you money by eliminating busywork and reducing the risks of human error. You free up hours in the week that would otherwise be spent inputting invoice data or collecting payments manually, and dramatically lower the odds of misplaced or miscalculated money

Franchise accounting software helps build and retain valuable relationships.

Is your franchise accounting software keeping your vendor relationships healthy?
Many franchisors rely these relationships to acquire the products, tools, and equipment needed to run their businesses. Losing these relationships means losing money. As such, it is essential that all bills are paid in a timely manner–very little hurts business relationships more than mismanaged money matters.

Our franchise accounting software helps you spot discrepancies and avoid missed payments that can compromise vendor/distributor relationships. Our advanced search tool makes it easy to verify invoices and payment records on-demand. You can also set up triggered reminders or automated payments for recurring orders.

Franchise accounting software simplifies game-changing collaboration.

It’s often said that one of the fastest ways to grow in any facet of life is to admit that you don’t have all the answers. That’s certainly true of franchise accounting, which is why many franchisees take advantage of the knowledge of higher-ups via support calls where bookkeeping and financial performance is discussed.

The best franchise accounting software enables this kind of collaborative analysis by virtualizing your financial info for easy and secure sharing.

FranchiseSoft does all that and more. All financial information–royalties, invoices, marketing fees, rent, franchise fees, and all the rest–is centralized in a secure digital library. All data is easily searchable, and it can be copied, shared, and transferred from any secure mobile device to another with just a few clicks. Together with our internal communications software and insightful auto-generated reports, our franchise accounting software makes quality remote collaboration easier than ever, keeping your data secure, organized, and highly shareable.

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