3 Reasons Software Company Franchise Experience Matters

3 Reasons Software Company Franchise Experience Matters

Aug 16,2018 By

The FranchiseSoft team is made up of current and former franchise owners, which gives us a serious competitive edge over other franchise software developers. Today’s post explains 3 reasons why.

Because we know enough to know we don’t know it all

The essence of franchising is cooperation and collective effort, and the ideal franchise candidate is almost always defined as “coachable,” so why then do so many franchise software companies pretend to have all the answers with their “perfect” product?

Don’t take that the wrong way; we’re immensely proud of our software, and truly believe it’s the best franchise solution out there. But it’s not perfect, meaning that the current iteration of our software won’t solve every franchise problem that arises from now until the end of time. We can’t predict the future; we know enough to know we don’t know it all, which is why we invest so much in ongoing development and user feedback.

And yet, many companies that think they know best will sell a single “finished” product and hype it up as the end-all-be-all of franchise software. This is a mistake. The best franchise software companies accept the fact that in the 21st century, technology evolves at a breakneck pace. Avoid know-it-alls and “finished” products; if your franchise software provider isn’t constantly rolling out new updates and enhancements, it will quickly be obsolete.

When you choose FranchiseSoft, you partner up with a highly motivated team of developers who work every day to make your software solution even better than the day you bought it.

In addition to the usual software bug-squashing and fine-tuning, we’re constantly interpreting user feedback and using that to prioritize our updates; in other words, you decide how your franchise software evolves. Using a kind of digital democracy, your feedback is governed by a basic upvote system, so that other users can thumbs-up your comment if they agree, and thereby rocket it up our priority list.

Franchise software companies without enough experience to know that they don’t know it all do not invest in costly ongoing updates/development. And they don’t make user feedback a focal point. That’s bad news for your business!

Because we know no two franchises are alike

If you compare the way McDonalds and Burger King operate, both behind the counter and in the back-office, it won’t take long to start noticing how different they are. That’s quite a revelation: even two franchises operating in the same industry, targeting the same niche, with some products so similar they might as well be cloned, are extremely unalike in many ways.

At FranchiseSoft, we know no two franchises are alike, which is why we built flexible software. Our modular system can be configured to fit the needs of individual companies in any country or industry.

Because we know multi-level solutions are needed

Franchise software should make communication, invoicing, organization, marketing, lead generation, staff management, and reporting easier for the franchisee and franchisor alike. This is something unique to franchising that is difficult to understand without experience at both levels of the business. Fortunately, we have it!

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