Taking Charge of Your Franchise Software Development in 2018

Taking Charge of Your Franchise Software Development in 2018

Jun 06,2018 By

By now, describing franchise management solutions as high-performance vehicles has become a cliche. They’re fast; they’re efficient; they’ll take you places – we get it!

But how many franchise management solutions really put you in the driver’s seat? And how many actually give you control of what goes on under the hood?

Today’s post spotlights 2 ways that FranchiseSoft puts you in charge of our franchise software development to create the ultimate personalized management system for your brand.

Taking charge with complete customization

The “one-size-fits-all” approach just doesn’t work where franchise software is concerned. Every franchisor has unique needs, and the only way to satisfy them all is by designing a completely customizable solution.

When we designed FranchiseSoft, our goal was to provide a rock-solid foundation upon which franchisors could build whatever tools they need.

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s possible:

  • Completely customize your dashboard to highlight events, hot leads, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to your business.
  • Customize your Digital Library by uploading training materials, tests, manuals, start-up guides, marketing data, brand-approved multimedia, vendor lists, system documents, menus, webinars for continuing education, and any other essential documents that are unique to your business. Once uploaded, these materials can be shared with leads, new franchisees, or anyone else at the click of a button.
  • Create custom Franchise User Surveys to collect data and gauge responses to upcoming products, services, rebrandings, or proposed marketing campaigns, thereby reducing your R&D efforts to a few simple clicks.
  • Customize a virtual brochure to help convert leads to franchisees. Add subsections covering your sales process, brand experience, industry reports, and anything else you think will help close the deal. Embed images, videos, and slideshows that showcase the best part of your brand, and let the leads browse this digital dossier at their leisure.
  • Customize your revenue tracking tools for unparalleled accounting analytics. You can track sales based on whatever info you enter into the system – fee type, product, service, and so on.
  • Customize your reports for better strategic flexibility and simpler review.

You don’t need a franchise software development background to customize our management solution to perfectly suit your needs. With a little help from our support staff, you can set up a franchise management solution that’s better for you than anything else you’ll ever find.

Taking charge with user feedback

Another way that FranchiseSoft involves the user directly in our franchise software development is by taking user feedback seriously. In fact, our users are responsible for some of our most important updates and feature add-ons.

As current and former franchise owners ourselves, we know the value of front-line experience, and so we do all we can to encourage our users to share struggles, success stories, and suggestions about our software.

To that end, we placed the User Feedback icon right on the Homepage for easy access. Use it to submit any feedback you may have about our software. Other franchisees will be able to see your comments and have the option of giving them a thumbs-up, which will push it more urgently down the pike to our support desk using a basic “upvote” system.

Many of our clients have leveraged User Feedback to influence our franchise software development, and you can too. Once your idea is brought to life in a new update, full details will be published in the “Release Notes” tab.

Learn more about FranchiseSoft’s ever-evolving custom management solution at https://franchisesoft.com