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4 Ways Franchise Accounting Software Can Improve Your Plumbing Franchise’s Process

Oct 25,2017 By

Today’s post covers 4 different ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software can directly improve your plumbing franchise’s process.

1. Coordinate your distributed workforce for error-free accounting.

As you already know, a day in the live of a plumber is dynamic, taking you from one job site to another with only intermittent communication with the rest of the team, and usually only for dispatching purposes or the odd troubleshooting session.

Managing this distributed workforce as a plumbing franchise owner can be tricky, especially where accounting duties are concerned. In the past, every plumbing truck would be serve as bank and bookkeeper’s office until they pulled in for day’s end, and lost receipts, flubbed invoices, and misplaced payments caused all kinds of accounting headaches.

Today, FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software makes it easy to organize your distributed workforce so that any financial information is uploaded safely and instantaneously.

Using any verified mobile device, your distributed workforce can add or access accounting information in our cloud-based system from anywhere.

With the help of our field service management module, your workers can invoice at the customer site, collect payment on the spot, and automatically port relevant data into Quickbooks, eliminating human error and automating “busywork” that would normally eat up your evenings and weekends.

Monitor vendor relationships and spot discrepancies.

As you know, plumbing franchise owners rely on their relationships with vendors and distributors for special tools and equipment required in the course of their work. If a vendor or distributor questions why a bill has yet to be paid, FranchiseSoft’s cloud-based tools make it easy to search invoices, either to verify payment or identify discrepancies that need to be resolved to preserve the vendor relationship.

Free hands for business-boosting work.

Franchise accounting software is perhaps most valuable to service industry franchisors because it cuts the fat away from your obligatory financial management duties. By eliminating redundancies, auto-generating key summary reports, streamlining mandatory tasks, and automatically integrating invoice data into Quickbooks, FranchiseSoft lets you reinvest time that would be wasted on administrative tasks into more productive work.

Additionally, FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software includes the following time-saving features, some of which may be of particular interest to plumbing franchisors:

  • Simple management of processing of royalties and other fees
  • ACH integration in processing royalties
  • Management of Franchise count for Item 20 in the FDD
  • Collection of P&L data

Virtualize accounting info, diversify your toolbox.

Plumbing franchise owners can be resistant to the idea of using franchise accounting software because the initial data entry stage seems tedious. However, this reluctance vanishes once we explain the benefits of virtual migration: once your accounting info has been “virtualized” in our secure, cloud-based software, you may never need to manually enter data again!

First of all, our field service management software automatically ports invoice information into Quickbooks, so you can forget about daily data entry duty. Second, your virtualized information can be copied, shared, and transferred with a few simple clicks, which makes it possible to extract and leverage data across a broad suite of secure platforms. Virtualizing your accounting information with our franchise accounting software makes it much easier to work with other apps that may benefit your business. Whether you want to work on Quickbooks, Neat, or any other number-crunching software, the entire data migration comes down to 2-3 clicks, rather than an over-caffeinated gauntlet of administrative work.

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