Buyer's Guide: Franchise Development CRM Features You Need In 2021

Buyer’s Guide: Franchise Development CRM Features You Need In 2021

Feb 15,2021 By

As you get busy with the day-to-day managing of your franchise, you may start to realize some things are slipping through the cracks. Whether it is missing a phone call or email from a franchisee or a person interested in purchasing a franchise, realizing your training materials are in need of an upgrade, or other similar situations, it’s likely the time has come to invest in franchise development CRM software. If this has crossed your mind, here are the key franchise development CRM features you’ll rely on most in 2021.

Operational Support

Over the years, there have been more and more details that have emerged from your business expanding. Franchisee agreements, sales reports, and much more are now more important than ever, which is why you need franchise development CRM software. Once implemented, you’ll soon have no problems whatsoever calculating royalties, scheduling meetings, and tracking your company’s sales.

Automate The Sales Cycle

While sales to new franchisees are what drives your company to greater heights, it is also something that can take a tremendous amount of time and have you bogged down in details before you know it. However, franchise development CRM software can change all that. Suddenly, the entire sales cycle can become automated and easy to manage. From the moment you get a lead to the time when the new franchisee signs an agreement with your company, you’ll save time and money by having franchise development CRM software at your fingertips.

Territory Expansion

If there is one thing you are always looking at with your franchise, it is how to expand into more and more territories. But yet again, trying to keep various summary charts, sales cycle reports, and territory data up-to-date without franchise development CRM software can be almost impossible. Rather than miss out on an opportunity to expand into a much-coveted territory and open the door to new markets, have franchise development CRM software integrated into your system and watch your territories and profits take off to new levels.

Tracking Marketing Revenue

Since you spend so many dollars on various aspects of marketing your franchise, you want to make sure you know exactly how much is being spent and how those dollars are paying off in terms of sales. In deciding to use franchise development CRM software, tracking your marketing revenue can be done quickly and down to the penny. From the analytics of your digital marketing campaigns to knowing whether those radio ads are the most effective way to reach your customers, you can find out this and much more once you have franchise development CRM software as part of your business.

Possessing many important features that can make running your franchise so much simpler and more profitable along the way, there’s no reason to not take a closer look at franchise development CRM software from FranchiseSoft. Once you do, it won’t take long to realize what you’ve been missing in terms of time and money. To find out more, call 888-302-3676 or visit