How To Reduce Human Error With A Franchise Accounting Software System

How To Reduce Human Error With A Franchise Accounting Software System

Jan 27,2021 By

In any business, accounting errors lead to one mess after another. While this is true of even the smallest business with only one location, it can cause chaos within a franchise. From double-entries to individuals who don’t know how to use the software, these and other issues result in human error that can lead to inaccurate data, mistakes on tax returns, and much more. To keep mistakes from occurring, you may want to consider the many benefits of a franchise accounting software system. If you’re curious as to just how such a system can benefit you and your company, we here at FranchiseSoft are prepared to show you how human errors can be reduced or eliminated.

Secure And Centralized

To begin with, a franchise accounting software system will allow you to have all pertinent financial information stored within a secure, centralized digital library. While this may not sound important to you initially, trust us it will be one of the biggest benefits you’ll experience from using a franchise accounting software system. By taking advantage of this feature, all data will not only be easy to search, but will also allow you to copy, transfer, and share data not only among computers within your office, but also with mobile devices. Thus, everyone can be on the same page regarding which data has or has not been entered into the franchise accounting software system.

No More Double Entries

Once you make a franchise accounting software system from FranchiseSoft part of your business, you won’t have to worry any longer about those dreaded double-entries. Since a franchise accounting software system such as ours can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, staff will immediately know when data has already been entered into the system. As a result, you and other staff members won’t have to spend valuable time trying to backtrack entries to discover where a mistake was made. Instead, you’ll be able to move on to more important matters that will let your revenue continue to increase.

Auto-Generated Reports

When the generating of reports is left up to humans, things sometimes tend to fall by the wayside. Since you always need the latest information on royalties, invoices, rent, fees, and more, having reports delayed can result in you making decisions based on data that may already be outdated. To avoid this scenario, start using a franchise accounting software system from us here at FranchiseSoft. Since the software can be easily customized to generate reports on all areas of your franchise, you can always make sure you have the most up-to-date accounting information when it is needed most, knowing it has been provided by a franchise accounting software system you can trust.

No More Missed Payments

If you want a surefire way to guarantee your franchise’s accounting will be turned upside-down, use an accounting system that does not easily integrate with QuickBooks. When this is done, the result is often numerous missed payments that can lead to difficulties in what were once reliable and established relationships with your vendors. In many cases, people will either already assume a payment has been made, or incorrectly enter data showing a payment has been made to a certain vendor. But when a franchise accounting software system from FranchiseSoft becomes part of your accounting department, you can say goodbye to these problems. Since prompt payment of your bills helps your franchise develop an excellent reputation, avoid such headaches by relying on a state-of-the-art franchise accounting software system from the experts here at FranchiseSoft.

Reminders And Verifications

Whether it is payments you need to make to a vendor or payments that are coming due from franchisees, implementing a franchise accounting software system produced by us here at FranchiseSoft can allow you to have a system in place that will give you the option to set up triggered reminders or even automatic payments to vendors. As running a franchise becomes more complex with each passing year, having a franchise accounting software system that can do this and so much more is a must for business success. These reminders and verifications of payments, along with invoices and other related documents that can be easily verified by your franchise accounting software system, results in a much more streamlined accounting department.

On-Site Billing

If there is one thing customers and field reps love, it is having the ability to do on-site billing. By choosing a franchise accounting software system from FranchiseSoft, you can be another business that offers this option. Along with eliminating the need for staff to spend hours inputting invoice data into the accounting system, this feature of the franchise accounting software system also decreases the likelihood money will be misplaced, miscalculated, or even stolen.

Lost Receipts

If yours is a service-based franchise, you probably have employees in various parts of your town or city each working day. If they are responsible for collecting payments, this means they are also responsible for providing customers with receipts, while of course keeping a copy for themselves. Unfortunately, all it takes is one lost receipt to set the stage for an accounting nightmare. However, since your franchise accounting software system will allow for immediate on-site billing and the easy use of credit or debit cards for instant payment of services rendered, you won’t have to be concerned about how you will get your books balanced or taxes completed with numerous receipts missing. Instead, your franchise accounting software system from FranchiseSoft has eliminated these and other hassles.

If you’ve had problems regarding human errors within your franchise’s accounting department, don’t keep losing time and money trying to figure out what went wrong. Instead, contact us here at FranchiseSoft and learn how our unique franchise accounting software system can make keeping track of invoices and receipts, generating reports, and accepting payments easier than you ever imagined. If you are ready to toss the aspirin aside and get rid of your accounting headaches, visit us online at to request more information or call us today at 888-302-3676.