Capture Your Creative Inspiration with Mobile Franchise Solutions

Capture Your Creative Inspiration with Mobile Franchise Solutions

Apr 26,2019 By

The Muse visits us in the strangest of places–often far from the office desktop–but that’s no excuse to let her gifts go to waste.

Today’s post explores 3 keys to creativity, then explains how FranchiseSoft’s mobile franchise solutions help you capture your creative inspiration anytime, anywhere.

The 3 Keys to Creative Inspiration

Creativity is revered, mystified, and romanticized, but it really boils down to a distinct process triggered by a few key factors.

Leo Widrich identified these 3 factors in his influential blog post titled “Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower: The Science of Creativity.” According to his meta-analysis of creativity research, the 3 keys to creative inspiration are as follows:

  • A Super-Dose of Dopamine. Super-doses of dopamine are linked to creativity and abstract or divergent thinking.In fact, a 2010 study published in the Public Library of Science suggested that the dopamine system of highly creative people was similar to that seen in schizophrenics, who typically require dopamine-blocking medication to treat their illness. Specifically, both prolific creators and individuals with schizophrenia seemed to have similar dopamine receptor genes, with a lower density of D2 receptors that are responsible for signal filtering. Thus, both populations experience a higher flow of information from the thalamus, which enhances their abilities for divergent thought (De Manzano et al., 2010).

    Fortunately, you don’t need to be a naturally gifted creative-type or a schizophrenic to get a dopamine-dump. Common triggers for increased dopamine flow include exercising (think “runners high”), listening to music, gazing at our loved ones, and taking a warm shower.

  • Relaxation. Creativity is often linked to play, which supports the idea that relaxation leads to inspiration. And recent studies have even shown that being drunk and sleepy can do wonders for your creativity!

    This all relates to the fact that we are more likely to turn our attention inwards and make insightful connections when we are relaxed. When we’re stressed or alert, we tend to focus our attention on our surroundings.

  • Distraction. Distractions give our brains a break from gluts of information and rabid task-completion imperatives. This allows our subconscious to work through problems more creatively–what John Cleese calls “letting you ideas bake.”

Do Traditional Work Environments Stifle Creativity?

Have you spotted the problem highlighted by Leo’s findings?

For most people, the workplace is not a place for relaxation or distraction. And it’s certainly not a place to take a shower, gaze into your lover’s eyes, or log a 3-mile run.

In other words, most workplaces are not conducive to the 3 keys to creative inspiration.

Granted, you might get a lightning bolt of inspiration on your lunch break as you stare out the window and listen to your iPod. Or maybe while you’re driving to or from the office. But then you’re not at your desk where you can make your inspiration count. By and large, most offices just aren’t set up to nurture and capture creative inspiration.

But here’s where FranchiseSoft can help.

Capture Your Creative Inspiration with Mobile Franchise Solutions

FranchiseSoft’s mobile franchise solutions let you bring your office anywhere. Our software lets you manage all aspects of your business from a single app on a single mobile device. With a few clicks, you can make sales, review staff performance, create and launch national marketing campaign content, move leads through the sales cycle, manage employees in the field, create schedules, instantly contact any member of your professional network via SMS, email, or text, and more.

Do you have your best ideas in traffic? Take them down with voice-to-text, then upload them instantly to your private Intranet where other franchise partners can review, comment, and collaborate.

Does the Muse visit you in the shower? Leave your phone within reach and implement your inspiration within seconds of toweling off.

Learn more about mobile franchise solutions at Or book a free virtual walkthrough to see what’s possible with our software by calling 888-302-3676.


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