Franchise Management Software Showcase: Latest Feature Rundown

Franchise Management Software Showcase: Latest Feature Rundown

Jun 24,2021 By

As the business world of today faces a variety of challenges, business owners know they have to do all they can to stay competitive. If you own an established franchise, one that has just started gaining franchisees, or are in the midst of making arrangements to franchise, you will need the latest technology to help you succeed, which is where franchise management software can help. Filled with various features, franchise management software from FranchiseSoft will not only help you increase sales, but also result in better customer service and satisfaction. If you’re wondering how this can be, here are some of the best features of franchise management software.

Learning Management System

For any franchise to grow and surpass its competitors, it has to have employees as well as franchisees who are well-trained. Once you get franchise management software from FranchiseSoft, you’ll have software that contains a training module featuring a powerful Learning Management System. With this, you’ll be able to create specialized training courses using videos and other multimedia, giving you and your franchise an advantage you shouldn’t take lightly.

Advanced Marketing Options

Since your franchise won’t have a chance of growing unless as many people as possible know why you’re the best, you need franchise management software that allows for virtually unlimited marketing capabilities. With FranchiseSoft franchise management software, you will see the many possibilities that are available to you and your franchisees. For example, by using the customized marketing templates, you can create campaigns that will have customers coming to you in droves.

Financial Reporting

While marketing and training are crucial to growing your franchise, it is also vital you be able to keep up with each and every detail of your finances. In deciding to use franchise management software, you will have point of sale integration, royalty processing, QuickBooks, and much more all contained in your franchise management software. From giving franchisees the ability to use PayPal and other online payment options for customers rather than always require checks and money orders, your franchise will be viewed by customers as progressive and up-to-date on the latest technology.

Franchise Development

Since profits will grow only as your franchise grows, you need to emphasize franchise development to reach the top of your industry. To do so, keeping track of key metrics and analytics will be vital to you and your franchisees. However, this can be easier said than done if you don’t have state-of-the-art franchise management software from FranchiseSoft. From providing intuitive alerts so that you can contact new leads to automatically generating reports that will let you stay on top of Key Performance Indicators, you’ll soon be on top of the latest trends that will take you and your franchise to the top.

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best features of FranchiseSoft franchise management software, don’t wait around and let your competitors gain an advantage over your business. To learn about even more features of this innovative software, talk to us here at FranchiseSoft today.