How to Create a Lead Parser in FranchiseSoft?

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Create a Lead Parser  – Part 1

Create a Lead Parser  – Part 2

Another way to migrate data into FranchiseSoft is via Lead Parser. A lead parser allows our users to extract lead information from their inbox. FranchiseSoft can integrate with lead portals to automatically populate your lead list in FranchiseSoft. All you will need is a template of the email you receive once a lead is generated.

How to setup a lead parser:
1. Click on Admin on the main navigation and select Data Migration.
2. Select Lead Parser from the menu.
3. Click Add New.
4. Using your sample template, simply copy the information from the template to the parser settings.
5. Copy ‘Subject’ from the sample template and paste under Subject. (This helps the system recognize the email being received).
6. Select Lead Source from the dropdown.
7. Map template fields to system fields. For each field in your web form the start string will contain the information for that field, the end string will be the next field listed in the notification email. Be sure to include colons to the labels if they are on your notification email.

Set Up a Lead Parser
8. The last end string will need to be entered as ”
” so the system knows you are finished.
9. Click Submit to save.
10. Once submitted, each parser is provided with a Parser Email to direct the leads to.

Set Up a Lead Parser
11. Provide Parser Email to the associated Lead Portal to ensure all leads are directed to FranchiseSoft.

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