How To Implement The Top-5 ‘Golden Rules’ Of Good Leadership With Employee Management Software

How To Implement The Top-5 ‘Golden Rules’ Of Good Leadership With Employee Management Software

Sep 14,2020 By

Today’s post looks at the top-5 “Golden Rules of Effective Management” according to Entrepreneur magazine, then explains how our employee management software makes it easy to implement them all!

1.  Be Consistent (And Transparent!) With Employee Management Software

“Before your management approach can be effective, it must be consistent,” writes Entrepreneur. “You must reward the same behaviors every time they appear, discourage the same behaviors when they appear and treat every member of your team with an equal, level-headed view.”

Managerial consistency is key, no doubt about it. But in order to reap all the rewards—improved employee trust, team morale, brand loyalty, and productivity—you’ll need to match your consistency with transparency, so that all employees know they’re being treated equally.

FranchiseSoft’s employee management software makes it easy for users to implement and internally “publicize” consistent management practices. Publish your management values and rules for all to see on your private Intranet server; blast out frequent updates, memos, or employee recognition via internal messaging channels; auto-compile employee performance reviews and correspondence for easy, metric-based management decisions; give employees more autonomy and managerial stake with our error-free self-scheduling tools, and much more!

Whether you need an evergreen point of reference to keep your decision-making consistent, pages of hard data to keep your decisions impartial/unbiased, or transparent internal communications, our employee management software has the answer.

2. How To Focus On Clear, Accurate, And Thorough Communications With Employee Management Software?

“How you communicate to your team can dictate your eventual success,” writes Entrepreneur. “When relaying instructions, recapping meetings, or just doling out company updates, strive for clarity, accuracy, and thoroughness of your communication. This goes for any other medium , whether that means in-person communication, email, or a phone call.”

WIthout modern employee management software, that’s a tall task. But with FranchiseSoft, it’s incredibly easy.

With our solution, all communication is automatically archived, even when the conversation starts via email and ends through SMS. It’s all searchable from your main digital dashboard, which is available to any authorized user from any internet-capable device, so you never have to worry about miscommunications or “lacking receipts” while responding to customer/internal complaints or liability issues. Any manual communication regarding shift changes, service calls, or follow-ups is easily supported by automated SMS/email reminders you can set based on your specific needs.

We even automatically correct for scheduling miscommunications, with automatic alerts whenever overlapping shifts, overtime, or schedule-related absences are identified.

3.  Set Unified Goals With Employee Management Software

“If you want your team members to work together, have them work for something together,” writes Entrepreneur. “Setting goals just for the department of one individual breeds a limited mentality and forces team members to remain isolated. Instead, give staffers a unified focus and purpose, to inspire them together.”

When you want to set unified, franchise-wide goals that inspire individuals to work together, our employee management software offers end-to-end functionality:

  • Set smarter goals based on key performance indicators identified in our auto-generated reports. You can even tailor goals to the individual based on our detailed reports on employee operations and start times.
  • Announce unified goals to the entire franchise family with a single using simplified cross-platform communication that delivers your message on device, on demand.
  • Remind employees about individual and collective goals to keep teams inspired using automatic SMS/email updates and fast-and-easy internal messaging.
  • Track progress on goals automatically and on any level, from big-picture metrics on the franchise performance dashboard to individual-level progress on training, service call quality, and employee operations.
  • Implement smart fixes and effective supports for employees who need help. Whether you need to provide step-by-step remote support for service workers or bring your staff up to speed on new training modules, you can track and manage it all from our intuitive dashboard.
  • Congratulate your team and give more meaningful, data-driven encouragement for jobs-well-done once your campaign wraps up.
  • Evaluate the entire campaign, set new goals, and start over!

4.  Publically Reward And Recognize Hard Work With Employee Management Software

“When a member of your team does something exceptional, reward him/her,” writes Entrepreneur. “Do this in front of the group; it will make the intended recipient feel good and show the rest of the team that hard work is rewarded.”

Whether you want to send out company-wide congratulatory messages, virtual “Employee of the Month” plaques, or invites to the next big team party, our employee management software makes it easy. Pull stats from our auto-generated reports to substantiate your commendations—data-driven praise is much more meaningful than platitudes, and it shows your team what really matters: results! Share them with your local team members or the entire company, and publicize any bonuses or tangible rewards. You can also use the employee data/talking points as the basis for marketing materials that simultaneously praise hard-working team members and “humble-brag” about your brand’s accomplishments. Just send it over to our marketing module and you’re on your way!

5.  Be The Example With Employee Management Software

“As the manager and leader, you should set an example in terms of your behavior,” writes Entrepreneur. “Strive to be your own ideal of the perfect worker.”

That’s good advice, but it’s worthless without ways to show your team that you’re an exemplar. And that’s where our employee management software comes in. Since all sales correspondence of your choosing is automatically archived, you can show employees real examples of your work to show them how you expect them to behave in different scenarios. It’s also easy to share your own operations/work reports and make it into a bit of friendly competition. Even just staying active in your employee management software’s internal communication channels helps you lead by example, showing your team how important it is to stay connected and responsive to other franchise family members.

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