Improving Company Culture with Franchise Management Services

Improving Company Culture with Franchise Management Services

Jan 25,2019 By

Today’s post touches on a few ways that FranchiseSoft empowers your franchise management services to make it easier than ever to improve company culture.

The importance of company culture first came to prominence in the 1989s, when researchers sought to explain the sustained superior financial performance of industry-leading firms like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and McDonald’s.

Again and again, researchers noted that firms with sustained superior financial performance were characterized by “a strong set of core managerial values that define the ways they conduct business” (Barney, 1986, p. 656).

4 Ways to Upgrade your Company Culture with Franchisesoft

  • Embrace transparency. Trust is the foundation of any great company culture, and transparency gives the whole franchise unfiltered insight into what’s expected of them. Implementing modern communication and collaboration tools is a great means to that end. And that’s exactly what FranchiseSoft can do for you.

    FranchiseSoft’s digital library, or “intranet,” is also a fantastic tool for increasing transparency. Franchisors can upload all relevant documents and materials, making them available for review by all authorized franchisees at any time.

  • Offer scheduling autonomy. Giving your staff some level of control over their schedules can be a great way to show them that they’re respected. But without the right software, this can be a recipe for disaster–after all, schedules can be hard enough to manage when there’s only one person in control.

    FranchiseSoft allows you to grant your staff scheduling autonomy without any of the risk. Our Employee Management module includes a calendar tool that lets employees trade shifts, view availability, and create schedules free of conflicts every time. You will be automatically notified of any overlapping shifts, overtime, and schedule gaps, and all calendar-managing communication between employees is automatically documented in case review is needed.

    Having the option to work from home some days can also help keep staff happy and energetic. Since FranchiseSoft lets you run practically every aspect of your business from a single app on any authorized device, it’s never been easier to give your staff more scheduling freedom.

  • Recognize and reward valuable contributions. Recognition-rich company cultures are happier, healthier, and characterized by dramatically lower turnover rates–as much as 31% lower, according to research published in Forbes.

    FranchiseSoft empowers your franchise management services in a number of ways to help you recognize and reward deserving employees. For instance, our field service management module allows franchise owners to sign off on jobs-well-done remotely, which presents a great opportunity praise employees. For franchisors, our Franchise Performance modules lays out the entire system, unit-by-unit, so you can pinpoint franchisees whose hard work deserves recognition in seconds.

  • Promote accountability. As important as it is to reward great work, it’s equally critical that you hold every franchise family member accountable (yourself included!). This makes your company culture real, rather than a set of unrealistic ideals that nobody bothers taking seriously. When franchisees see that even the head honcho is being held accountable to the company’s values and beliefs, they’re inspired–it’s wonderful seeing people practice what they preach.

    This is another area where our intranet and communications tools can really help. Since anybody in the franchise family can access core company materials at any time, and get in touch with fellow franchisees with a few easy clicks, your franchise family’s “positive policing” potential soars.

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