Building a Stronger Franchise System with FranchiseSoft

Building a Stronger Franchise System with FranchiseSoft

Jan 23,2019 By

Back in 2006, Entrepreneur magazine published an article titled “10 Signs of a Great Franchise,” in which author Jeff Elgin provided a checklist that candidates could use to identify strong franchise systems.

With reference to Elgin’s list, today’s post explains how FranchiseSoft improves training, adherence, recruiting, and accountability to create a stronger franchise system that attracts more candidates and generates more sales!

Signs of a Strong Franchise System

Here’s what Entrepreneur magazine identified as the top signs of a strong franchise system–and what FranchiseSoft does to ensure your brand qualifies:

  1. “Responsiveness during the investigation process.” Elgin highlights how important it is for candidates to get prompt and professional responses to their inquiries during the investigation process. Responsiveness indicates your brand is well-staffed, customer service-oriented, and technologically savvy enough to take advantage of the various notification systems that exist in 2019.

    FranchiseSoft supercharges your brand’s responsiveness so you can make an unforgettable first impression. For starters, you are alerted the moment a new lead is entered into the system. From there, using a single app on a single device, you can review lead details and all logged correspondence, then reach out to the prospect via phone, SMS, or email. Franchise owners can also set up automated email welcome messages that give leads useful introductory information, thank them for their interest, and inform them that a representative will be with them shortly. In this way, you ensure your brand responsivity even when you’re forced to step away for a while.

  2. “Direct operational training.” Like most people, Elgin understands the value of high-quality training programs that include all the operational knowledge needed to successfully deliver the brand’s product or service.

    Our franchise solution does wonders for training outcomes. Create tasks for new franchisees to complete, or assign new training modules, and keep them accountable using powerful back-end metrics that monitor their progress, time per task, and more. From the franchise owners’ point of view, all tasks are prominently displayed from their dashboard, so they can’t miss their training duties. Furthermore, our digital library or “intranet” module is also a fantastic onboarding tool. There, you can upload all tests, training manuals, and reference materials, which can all be accessed from any authorized device.

  3. “Marketing programs.” Marketing is the key to monetization (and franchise system development), so it is written in LiorIzik’s book The Entrepreneurial Evolution. Elgin agrees.

    FranchiseSoft takes your marketing to a whole new level. Our solution levels-up your market research, producing powerful automated analytics that you can use to increase the cost-efficiency of your campaigns. And with our solution, posting marketing content on social media, your website, or sharing it via email is easier than ever. Check out our marketing module to learn more.

  4. “[Clean] litigation history.” Strong franchise systems may have some litigious history, but it’s usually minimal. Patterns of excessive litigation are red flags for any franchise.

    FranchiseSoft can help you minimize liability by improving training outcomes, increasing awareness of any contractual obligations, and, most importantly, automatically archiving all client, lead, and user correspondence.

Strengthen your Franchise System with FranchiseSoft

Whether you’re an established franchise company, a new business that is considering expansion by franchising your business, or an emerging franchisor with a few franchise units, we believe the franchise management software built by FranchiseSoft will strengthen your franchise system by helping to increase sales, reach higher customer and franchisee satisfaction levels, and have full reporting and visibility for Franchisor and Franchisee management.

You can learn more about our franchise solution at, or call 888-302-3676 to speak directly with a representative.