Is It Possible to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Franchise CRM Software?

Is It Possible to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Franchise CRM Software?

Nov 08,2019 By

Customer satisfaction surveys are extremely valuable tools that allow you to:

  • Hear what customers have to say about your products and services;
  • Better understand your customer’s point of view;
  • Provide an outlet for negative feedback that could otherwise be expressed as poor reviews;
  • Determine your priorities (e.g. highlighting the need to improve customer service, order processing, billing practices, etc);
  • Keep customers happy to improve retention and customer loyalty;
  • Track consumer responses to any business changes being implemented;
  • Maintain your reputation as a company that cares about what the customer has to say;
  • Spot trends, opportunities, and threats to your business;
  • Gain competitive advantages, and much more!

Franchisors don’t hesitate to buy expensive survey software to get these business benefits. But did you know that you can create customer satisfaction surveys using your existing franchise development CRM software?

It’s true!

FranchiseSoft’s Survey Module gives you the ability to gather valuable feedback from all kinds of stakeholders–customers, vendors, prospects, and even fellow franchisees–right from the franchise development CRM dashboard. Review your auto-generated reports and effortlessly scratch-build meaningful surveys on Franchisee Satisfaction, Marketing and Research, Customer Satisfaction, and more. These surveys can be sent to existing contracts within the FranchiseSoft system, or published directly to your website or social media assets. Reports are all viewable right from your Survey Dashboard, and all data is automatically uploaded to your franchise development CRM software for analysis.

Today’s post highlights showcases the FranchiseSoft features that make our users’ customer satisfaction surveys better than the rest.

Build Customer Satisfaction Surveys On Device, On Demand

If you want customer to do you a favor by filling out satisfaction surveys, you’d better make it easy. In 2020, that means meeting them “on device, on demand.”

A seminal 2013 study by GreenBook found that 19% of all consumer satisfaction surveys were completed on mobile devices. Two years later, the Pew Research Center revealed that 27% of respondents were completing customer satisfaction survey on their smartphones.

In 2020, the number of smartphone users is higher than ever before. According to Statista, there are currently 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today. That means 42.63% of the world’s population has a smartphone, and most people in the Western world are going to be using these devices to fill out your survey.

Simply put, if your franchise development CRM isn’t mobile-friendly, and your survey software isn’t totally mobile responsive, you’re in trouble. Expect engagement levels to plummet and survey abandonment rates to soar.

You’ve only got one shot: nobody’s going to go out of their way to log onto their computer and finish the survey later. Make sure they can fill it out when they want, and on whatever device they want.

FranchiseSoft’s survey module is 100% mobile-friendly, which means surveys are easy to create, complete, analyze, and update on any mobile device!

Build High-performance Surveys With Smart Reporting And Analytics

One of the most important things you can do to make your customer satisfaction surveys more effective is to keep them short and sweet. That means limiting yourself to a handful of important questions that offer truly valuable insights. There’s plenty of evidence to back this claim up:

Putting overlong customer satisfaction surveys on blast, Kimberly Nasief, owner of Measure Consumer Perspectives, published a satirical blog titled “Infant Who Begins Babies ‘R’ Us Customer Satisfaction Survey Dies of Old Age,” to great acclaim. It even got her a feature in the New York Times, and the article’s success prompted her to start an entire YouTube channel on the horrors of “consumer survey fatigue.”

You can even watch Nasief labor her way through a seemingly endless Toys ‘R Us survey–the same one that inspired her article–in her 3-part YouTube series. It’s good for a laugh, and highly instructive in regards to what not to do with your customer satisfaction survey!

Nasief’s work struck a chord with consumers who were tired companies putting them to work with endless requests for feedback.

The general public’s enthusiasm for Nasief’s work coincides with industry research on customer satisfaction surveys, too:

  • In a survey conducted by OpinionLab, 80% of respondents said that they have abandoned a customer satisfaction survey halfway through.
  • In the same study, 52% of consumers said they would not spend more than three minutes filling out a survey.
  • According to one study by market research firm SSI, the quality of consumer data drastically deteriorates once the survey reaches the 20-minute mark.

So what’s the bottom line? The “shotgun” approach (i.e. blasting your customers with every question you can think of) isn’t effective anymore. Indeed, it might be costing you sales by souring customer perceptions of your brand. Most see these surveys as spammy.

Effective customer satisfaction surveys don’t bombard respondents with dozens of questions. They cut straight to what matters most and follow the old screenwriter’s rule for keeping scenes snappy: in late, out early!

If you want to create short-and-sweet surveys that still provide meaningful and actionable insights for your business, you need exceptional reporting and analytics at all levels. And that’s exactly what we designed our franchise development CRM module to do.

With FranchiseSoft, you can integrate data seamlessly from our Franchise Development, Franchise Performance, Customer Management, Marketing, and Franchise Management modules, consolidating key metrics and performance indicators on a user-friendly dashboard, to build more meaningful surveys from day-one. Once your surveys are sent out, and comments and feedback starts rolling in, all important data is viewable directly from the Survey Dashboard.

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