Is Your Franchise CRM Software 'Brag-Worthy'?

Is Your Franchise CRM Software ‘Brag-Worthy’?

Aug 12,2019 By

Convinced your current franchise CRM software is a “brag-worthy” business asset? Let’s put that to the test.

This article explains what makes our franchise CRM software so great compared to other solutions. Read on to see how your current solution holds up and learn what the competition has up their sleeve.

Franchisesoft Is Built By And For Franchise Owners

Truly “brag-worthy” franchise CRM software is created by people with real  franchise experience. The “by-and-for” factor guarantees that the software is built for the specific demands of franchising, which can be hard to communicate to developers.

Better yet, your franchise CRM software is created by a team made up of franchisors and franchisees from different industries, each of whom who can offer unique insights and experience to help create a flexible solution that works for any business, at any level.

We weren’t satisfied with the franchise CRM software that was on the market, so we created a solution that had everything we were looking for. We wanted more opportunities for automation; better reporting and analytics; simplified marketing and communications; dashboard franchise performance monitoring; and the capacity to manage all aspects of our business from a single app. Most importantly, we wanted franchise CRM software that could drive sales, referrals, and customer satisfaction ratings through the roof for franchisors and franchisees alike.

We wanted all that and more, so we designed our dream franchise CRM software. That’s FranchiseSoft.

Some of our franchise CRM software features include:

  • Seamless conversion of leads to customers
  • Simplified communication with all, some, or individual customers
  • Task and event scheduling as it relates to customers
  • Simple and accessible documentation of correspondence with customers
  • Intuitive customer invoice and statement generation
  • Application of payment against invoices
  • Interfacing with for credit card processing
  • Revenue reports processing
  • Detailed reports on customer operations

A mobile app that provides customer contact details to franchisees

Franchisesoft Is A Complete Digital Solution For Franchises

FranchiseSoft is more than just a franchise CRM software. We are a complete digital franchising solution. In addition to our customer management module, our software includes:

By choosing a complete digital franchising solution, you avoid compatibility issues and excess training/onboarding time needed to learn multiple programs. Tech support also becomes more efficient because you can work with a single FranchiseSoft consultant who knows the entire operating system inside-out, rather than making multiple calls and explaining your complicated software combination to each new person who gets on the line.

The “all in one” approach also makes scaling your software needs much simpler. And it eliminates redundant data entry duty as you transfer info from one app to another. Really, there’s a lot to brag about.

Our Franchise Crm Software Has A History Of Success

Don’t base your purchase decision on marketing copy claims. Look for results instead. They shouldn’t be hard to find–franchise CRM software developers like to brag about this kind of thing.

Speaking of which, you can find a complete list of our franchise clients, along with a ton of testimonials, on our website.

You Have To See It To Believe It

To fully appreciate the value of our franchise CRM software, you really have to see it in action.

If you’d like to set up a free demonstration with no sales pressure, get in touch with a FranchiseSoft representative now. Call 888-302-3676 or fill out the contact form of our website.