Is Your Franchise Software Company Franchise Savvy

Is Your Franchise Software Company Franchise Savvy?

Jun 18,2018 By

If your franchise software company’s team roster isn’t made up of current and former franchise owners, their management solutions really boil down to guesswork.

Today’s post spotlights two of the countless reasons why experience matters for a franchise software company. Read on to learn how our backgrounds as franchise owners support your brand’s onboarding and sales, then ask yourself whether your current solution measures up.

Experience taught us the reality of franchise onboarding

As current franchise owners, the FranchiseSoft team knows all about trials and tribulations of onboarding. Indeed, we’ve experienced it from both sides, which is why we poured ourselves into designing tools that would make it easier for both franchisor and new franchisee to achieve their training goals.

With our software, you can literally manage your franchisees onboarding from a single mobile device. Simply select the new franchisee from the Franchisee List and start assigning training courses, then capture details about their learning as they progress through the materials.

Franchisors also love the functionality of our Digital Library, in which you can securely store folders and subfolders containing tests, training manuals, start-up information, marketing data, vendor lists, and more.

Simply directing franchisees to the appropriate training materials will eliminate a huge number of questions that arise during the start-up phase. You also have the option of creating a FAQ. Whatever you decide, changes are easy to make and share with your entire national roster, so that even major process overhauls won’t slow your brand down.

Still, no matter how comprehensive training materials and FAQ become, some questions will require extra attention. Here again, our software company’s franchise savvy pays off.

If franchisees need clarification with certain aspects of your onboarding, the first thing they’ll do is submit a support ticket from the Franchise Support dashboard. After filling out the subject line, describing the issue, and indicating its priority level, the franchisee submits their support ticket to the relevant department, which instantly alerts the franchisor or support staff to the problem. This way, you know about your franchisees’ issue within seconds of them first stumbling, rather than hearing about Friday night’s hold-up upon arriving at the office Monday morning.

Experience showed us what franchisors need to close sales

These days, even a once in a lifetime opportunity isn’t enough to guarantee your franchise development. With so many competitors out there fighting for your leads’ attention, you need software that helps your brand look its best and keeps you in position to respond to inquiries and sales opportunities right away.

Once again, your friendly neighborhood franchise software company’s franchise savvy pays off. We have actual experience developing franchises, and know what it takes to convert leads into franchisees, which is more than most of the competition can say.

We leaned on that experience to develop our Franchise Development Sales, which puts every piece of correspondence, lead information, and other relevant data at your fingertips, along with one-touch tools to message, schedule, update, and inform your prospects.

Now you can:

  • Quickly and easily consult robust lead profiles, which include details on net worth, available capital, contact information, inquiry date/time, and projected closing month;
  • Review call logs, texts, emails, and other lead correspondence before a big meeting;
  • Instantly message leads from the same program where all your reference material is contained;
  • Schedule events such as automated emails that trigger when your lead moves further into the conversion workflow;
  • Design and share customized virtual brochures that contain engaging information about your brand and reminder leads about upcoming appointments;
  • Take advantage of “tag-team” lead management, where colleagues can seamlessly jump in and pick up where you left off in the sales process.

Is your franchise software company franchise savvy?

If not, let’s talk. Click here to book a free consultation with the FranchiseSoft team.