Organize, Innovate And Elevate: Franchise Management Software For Education Franchises

Organize, Innovate And Elevate: Franchise Management Software For Education Franchises

Nov 09,2020 By

Today’s post looks at a few of the ways our franchise management software for education franchises helps users organize, innovate, and elevate teaching services in 2020-2021. Call 888-302-3676 for a free quote.

Demand Increasing For Franchise Management Software For Education Franchises In 2020-2021

According to new franchise reports, the child education and developmental center franchise industry has grown by 3.7% and generated more than $3 billion over the past five years.

And while there are now hundreds of education franchise opportunities to consider in this space, each focused on different subjects and styles of learning, they all stand to gain from franchise management software like ours.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of our franchise management software for education franchises:

1.  Organize Teaching Schedules, Correspondence And Important Client Information

Organization optimization is at the heart of the design of our franchise management software for education franchises. Every single module is made to help you organize important client, teacher, and student information, and to help you access this information whenever and wherever you need it.

Our lead profiles exemplify this commitment to organization, helping users sort through extensive contact lists to find exactly what they need. From the moment a lead enters the system (e.g. a parent requests more information about tutoring services, or an investor books a consultation), a lead profile is automatically created. Using your contact forms, we auto-fill as much information as possible, including the lead’s name, phone number, email, description, net worth, available cash, inquiry date/time, lead source, and more. You can further round out the profile by adding notes and lead details. Once the profile is created, you can sort all leads by lead source, owner, broker, activity status, inquiry date, or any keyword, then take any action (e.g. sending an email, assigning work, dialing their number) from the lead profile page.

FranchiseSoft also organizes the scheduling process in several ways:

  • Easy and instantaneous communication with all teachers, students, and contacts, so you can reschedule tutoring sessions and franchise consultations at a moment’s notice, and keep track of any changes with automatic archiving.
  • Share scheduling responsibilities by allowing employees to set their teaching availability and trade shifts.
  • Eliminate scheduling errors with automatic alerts about shift overlaps, conflicts, or upcoming overtime.
  • Eliminate schedule-related absence through automated reminders and alerts.
  • Intuitive, visual, and interactive layout of all scheduled tasks and events for better understanding and organization at-a-glance.

Finally, we make it easy to keep track of important correspondence. Whether you use the SMS, email, or social media messaging, all communication is automatically archived and eminently searchable, so you can quickly reference important details for better negotiations, sales meetings, or parent-teacher conferences.

2.  Innovate Teaching Techniques With COVID-Safe Solutions For Education Franchises

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on, education franchise owners are seeking efficient workarounds to maintain safe business continuity. Face-to-face teaching arrangements are currently restricted in many parts of the country, but that’s nothing to fear for FranchiseSoft users.

Whether you’re looking to implement innovative virtual tutoring sessions, or train your employees on COVID-safe teaching alternatives, our franchise management software can help. Our training module is powered by a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used to:

  • Create multimedia courses for students that are open or password-protected
  • Create training modules for franchisees
  • Create quizzes to test for comprehension
  • Track client/employee activity on assigned reading materials and courses, and much more!

3.  Elevate Email Marketing Campaigns For Education Franchises

While most online retailers and big businesses now harness the power of automated email marketing, many education franchises continue to fall short in this regard. Ironically, it’s often because education franchise owners fear the learning curve; surveys show that the two most common reasons business owners neglect email marketing are lack of time and technical acumen.

That’s a shame, because email marketing is a fantastic option for all kinds of education franchise advertising, including:

  • Announcing new enrollment periods
  • Promoting fundraisers, testing periods, and other education franchise events
  • Introducing remote educational options during COVID-19
  • Education franchise development campaigns

But with FranchiseSoft, email marketing is easy. You don’t need to hire email marketing experts or freelancers fluent in complex programming languages. Our system makes email campaigns fun and simple to create, giving your business the following advantages without leeching hours out of the work week:

  • Heat up leads automatically. Research shows that welcome emails are highly effective for both franchise development and B2B/B2C sales. Indeed, according to recent research, welcome emails generate approximately 320% more revenue than other promotional emails.

    However, getting those emails sent isn’t always easy. Even if you’re sending everyone the same email using a template, you’ve got to personalize the greeting and then dig through your contact lists to find the right leads. And it all takes a certain level of concentration—sending the wrong email to the wrong person can be quite embarrassing!

    FranchiseSoft grants you all the rewards of welcome emails without any of the work. Within seconds, you can set up an event trigger whereby welcome emails are automatically sent to new leads, from the moment they enter the system. Thus, when an investor completes a form to request more information about your education franchise, or a parent requests a tutoring consultation, lead profiles are automatically created, and the right welcome emails are sent. You can upload several welcome email templates to suit different demographics (e.g. welcome emails for investors with education franchise information, welcome emails for parents detailing popular tutoring plans, etc).

  • Connect to prospects with targeted, data-driven offers. While statistics show that email marketing is highly efficient, it has to be done right. If your emails lack substance and read like templates, you’re quickly going to be relegated to the spam folder.

    To make sure your message resonates, create targeted email marketing templates based on hard data. FranchiseSoft puts it all at your fingertips, auto-generating reports packed with key performance indicators based on previous campaigns and lead profiles. You can even take your market research a step further by gathering valuable feedback with our Survey Module. Based on the findings from these automatic reports, every email marketing campaign is better than the last, with no added effort on your end.

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