Quick Tips Franchise Sales Reps Working Leads in FranchiseSoft

Apr 04,2022 By

I wanted to share some quick tips on how to effectively work your franchise sales leads using the FranchiseSoft CRM. Often times Franchise Sales reps have many leads to follow up on from different lead sources, and don’t want to be bogged down with technology.

Here are few tips the Franchise Professionals use for high output from the CRM.

Talking Points:
-Leads enter system (manually or mass import or Email Parsing from your forms on the website or online portals or ad campaigns)
-Set Your Preferred Default View to include information you need quickly on the Lead List Screen
-Utilize Inline editing to quickly make changes that you need
-Use the Gear Icons to capture key items that you are performing on the lead such as sending emails, sending quick text messages, adding notes, setting calendar events or reminder tasks and even sending the FDD for electronic receipt signing.
-Finally advancing them in your Sales Process Workflow

Hope you enjoyed these quick tips. Stay tuned for a few other videos that highlight how many Franchise Sales Teams are using FranchiseSoft.