What Franchise Systems do you Need to Succeed?

What Franchise Systems do you Need to Succeed?

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In today’s world, it seems as though you must have the most up to date and cutting edge technology for your franchise to succeed. Indeed, some people talk as though having the best, newest franchise software and systems is all that matters. Of course, this isn’t exactly true: the basic fundamentals of running a franchise still matter as much as they ever did. But when you consider that your competition might well be using franchise systems that streamline and ease the management of their franchise, then you had better make sure your franchise systems are as efficient as can be as well. You do not want to be left behind. So here are some of the franchise systems you need to succeed.

Customer Relations Management Software

Good business is not just about supplying a quality product or service and hoping enough customers like it so that you turn a profit. You need to create and maintain a positive relationship with your customers. This way your customers feel cared about, which inspires loyalty, and allows you to know just who your customers are, which helps you to mold and tweak your business to suit them better.

As such, customer relations has a direct impact on a franchise’s profits, which makes it pretty important. That’s why a good franchise needs good Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. A franchisee using good CRM software can easily access techniques that increase closing ratio and drive profits. All communication with prospects is logged so sales and development reps can communicate with that prospect accordingly. CRM software is also essential in acclimating new franchisees to the franchise model.  With the customers’ information, proven sales processes, customized reporting dashboards, system wide KPIs, and workflows built in the franchise, new franchisees can learn and be accustomed to the model in record time.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Simply put, trying to run a large franchise without Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a fool’s errand. Indeed, it’s not even really possible. ERP software allows a franchise to manage their business processes in an automated manner.

With ERP, a franchise can optimize its inventory levels and supply chain by allowing the placement of purchase orders based on min/max inventory levels and connects to the supplier chain. An automatic stock replenishment tool allows individual franchisees access to seasonal trends and historical data all along the franchise chain. Good ERP software also improves franchise marketing by permitting individual franchisees to conduct their own, limited marketing. As a result, every business owner in the franchise chain has more independence and flexibility. The software allows the schematics of a marketing campaign to be shared with head office as well as other franchises. A marketing campaign can then be adopted, improved, monitored, and altered in real time.

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Customer Relations Management software and Enterprise Resource Planning software, crucial though they are to a franchise’s success, are only two of a number of franchise systems a franchise needs to succeed. They are also two of a number of additional franchise systems/features available from FranchiseSoft. To learn about some other franchise systems and software available from FranchiseSoft, or to get started with us, please contact us today.