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10 Email-Writing Tips for Better Franchise Marketing

Feb 20,2018 By

FranchiseSoft streamlines email franchise marketing, but the onus is still on you to create good content. Though working with a franchise marketing company is recommended, there’s plenty you can learn and implement on your own!

Today, we’re going to talk about how to write better emails so your FranchiseSoft marketing campaign is as effective as it is easy!

Read on to learn 10 tips to make your emails more enticing and start hitting your click-through goals.

How to get more emails opened

Email subject lines will make or break your outreach campaign. If you’re not getting emails opened as often as you like, try implementing some of these tips:

  • Make a juicy promise. If you tell your reader they’re going to be happier, smarter, or more successful, they’ll be more likely to click through. But only do this if you can deliver.
  • Adopt power words. Word choice is critical when you’re working with limited subject line space. Use as many sensory and emotional words that you can.
  • Add a number. Adding numerals – like 30% or 42 – attracts wandering eyes skimming over a crowded inbox. Numbers also give any claims you make instant gravitas because we associate them with facts.
  • Cut the cleverness. Don’t waste time trying to sound clever. Clear, concise subject lines beat witty writing every time. Look at the title of this article – no nonsense!

How to make franchise marketing emails more engaging

When somebody opens one of your franchise marketing emails, do you want it to feel like an insider tip from a friend or an office memo? Which is more exciting?

Writing franchise marketing emails as though you’re addressing a huge, faceless mass of subscribers is a good way to get your message tossed in the trash folder. After being bombarded with sales pitches and polished marketing messages all day, every day, people have learned to tune this delivery out.

Instead, write as though you’re emailing a friend. People are naturally more receptive to this style, and it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on professionalism. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Write to the individual reader. Stop talking about your subscribers. Approach your franchise marketing as though you’re speaking to one potential client or franchisee.
  • Respect people’s time. Friends respect each other’s time, which means no emails unless you have a truly valuable message or piece of content to share. This could be a special promotion, new product, free offering, or simply an interesting piece of news that’s relevant to your local community or demographic.
  • Use contractions. One of the easiest ways to fix overly polished marketing copy is to skim through and work in as many contractions as you can. Shortening “We are” to “we’re” or “that is” to “that’s” doesn’t alter the meaning of your content, but it does makes you sound way more human.
  • Empathize at every opportunity. Try to connect with your reader’s specific problems. For example, a franchise development email might empathize with how hard it is to save startup capital.
  • Use “you.” Research shows that hearing our names triggers incredible brain activity, and the same thing happens when you read copy that refers to “you.” It’s a great way to sound personal. Just don’t overdo it!
  • Ditch the canned greetings. Using the same old opener makes you sound robotic. Mix it up and reference the season, weather, or area to ground your message in something concrete. A simple “Greetings from snowy Minnesota!” goes a long way towards making you sound human.

We’re hard-wired to give email messages more of our attention when they’re addressed in this way. Give it a shot.