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8 Reasons to Add Franchise Intranet Software

Feb 16,2018 By

FranchiseSoft’s intranet is a powerful component of our franchise software, giving owners a wide range of accessible-yet-secure information and services from the organization’s internal IT systems. If you’ve been considering upgrading to a premium system, you may be interested in the following 8 benefits FranchiseSoft offers franchise owners in any industry:

  • Open up healthy channels of communication. Communication is key in any relationship, and that’s particularly true in the business world. We all know that keeping the client informed is crucial, but business owners also need to stay in touch with their franchise family to educate new members, inform veterans of new changes, manage schedules, and keep morale high.FranchiseSoft’s intranet facilitates easy instant-messaging between staff, managers, and clients, and also hosts all support materials for instances where help isn’t available.
  • Keep your operations up to date. Referencing an old document, brand slogan, or expired promotion is embarrassing, and it can even cost you business. When in doubt, the intranet is an authoritative source of information, containing all current materials. Consulting the intranet regularly (and encouraging franchisees to do the same) will keep you up to date ensure that everyone’s on the same page.
  • Go “green.” Franchises printing and delivering operational and product manuals used to be standard practice. While it’s helpful to have a physical copy of these core materials in certain scenarios, relying on print-outs can be costly. Not only do you have to pay for the printing and paper itself (let’s not get into the cost of replacing lost or damaged manuals for now), but you have to spend time and money driving around delivering them. Moreover, all this paper consumption wasn’t great for the environment.FranchiseSoft’s intranet virtualized all operational and product manuals, putting them at your fingertips on any mobile device. Not only does this make dissemination and updates easier, but it’s a much “greener” option, both in terms of the paper saved and the money gained.
  • Increase franchise compliance. FranchiseSoft’s intranet can host your company’s franchise disclosure document (FDD), reports, contracts, branding guidelines, operational expectations, and much more. Making these materials so accessible has a significant positive effect on franchise compliance, which avoids costly legal fees and promotes the steady growth of your brand.
  • Speed up the training process. For most franchises, well-trained people are a top asset. FranchiseSoft’s intranet can host all your brand’s documents, training, and support Our advanced search function lets you pinpoint the materials you need faster, and can be accessed anytime when it’s convenient for the trainee to review.
  • Engage and motivate your franchise family. FranchiseSoft’s intranet has been used to engage franchise team using polls, forums, and message boards. Some users like to post reports and key performance metrics to generate discussions about how to improve or simply praise individuals for their good work. Franchisees will be more motivated the more you include them, and these intranet features provide excellent opportunities to do just that.
  • Never miss a beat. FranchiseSoft’s intranet integrates important information from all modules, then automatically generates alerts when goals are met or opportunities are available. By automating these alerts, you can reserve your mental processes for more important decision making.
  • Build your intranet, your way. FranchiseSoft’s intranet is fully customizable. Design your homepage dashboard in a way that reflects your unique business goals, performance metrics, and areas of concern. In this way, even beginner users can effectively design their own intranet interface.

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