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Why Customer Management Software is Integral to a Franchise’s Success

Oct 13, 2016 By

For your franchise to succeed, you need customers (or clients). Anybody who doesn’t live in a cave understands this. Yet it’s amazing how little some franchises think about their customers. Sure, they think of customers in terms of trying to create a better product or service that attracts them....

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4 Tips to Master Franchise Management using Technology

Oct 05, 2016 By

Ask just about any person what are some of the biggest differences between business now and forty years ago and one of the first things they will mention is technology. Yet, even so, some people conduct their business in ways that suggest they think it’s still 1976. Take franchise management. Whet...

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Franchise CRM Software Systems Increase Profits

May 18, 2016 By

A franchise is a business, sales are driven by customer relations, and more sales mean greater profits. Having a franchise customer relations management (CRM) software is a great way to connect with your customer base and manage the relationship over time. If you’re thinking about scaling down you...

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Why You Need a Franchise ERP Software

May 11, 2016 By

Managing a large franchise would be impossible without a franchise ERP Software.  ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is basically a means for a franchise organization to use a system or software to manage their business processes in an automated manner.  Cloud based franchise soft...

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