Why Buy Franchise Operations Software in 2019?

Why Buy Franchise Operations Software in 2019?

Feb 06,2019 By

It is practically impossible to manage a complete franchise family without proper franchise operations software.

Quality franchise operations software has all the features of traditional retail management software, plus dedicated features for multi-site onboarding, communications, monitoring, training, and analytics. FranchiseSoft also offers marketing solutions, lead generation functionality, and more. And it’s all scalable: whether you’re a single unit franchisee or a big-time multi-unit franchisor, you’ll get tons of value from our solution.

Not convinced?

Today’s post spotlights a few of the features that you’re missing out on without franchise operations software in 2019. Read on to learn whether FranchiseSoft is worth your money–and whether it can make you some this year (spoiler alert: it is, and it can!).

Why Buy Franchise Operations Software in 2019

  • Optimize inventory levels and supply chain. Enjoy total corporate-level inventory visibility in 2019 with franchise operations software. Set min/max inventory levels and connect directly to the supplier chain to automate purchase orders. Use the automatic stock replenishment tool to analyze historical data and seasonal trends so you can avoid shortages and make the most of demand spikes.
  • Improve customer service. Our franchise operations software includes a customer management module that provides seamless conversion of leads to customers; simplified communication with all business parties; one-click job scheduling; intuitive invoice and statement processing; automatic documentation of all customer correspondence; detailed reports on customer operations, and more. All this functionality combines to improve your customer’s experience, which means more sales, referrals, and positive reviews for your brand.
  • Level-up your franchise inspection and adherence. Franchise operations software lets you monitor individual franchisees in real time. You can instantly access and compare metrics on sales, supply chain, and marketing, all from your mobile device, without ever having to visit the location in-person. This grants franchisors a higher degree of control over their brand performance, without franchisees getting the feeling that somebody is breathing down their neck.And if any problems appear, the solution is in the palm of your hand. Using your mobile device, you can reach out directly to franchisees, request data or explanations, and assign training materials on the spot. All assign training materials are monitored, so you can see when and if the franchisee completed what they said they did.
  • Coordinate stronger marketing campaigns. Our franchise operations software allows the franchisee to conduct their own individual limited marketing, thereby increasing their freedom and flexibility. FranchiseSoft makes it easy to share the schematics of advertising campaigns so that the entire family can adopt and improve the strategy. Most important of all, FranchiseSoft automatically collects key metrics in regular reports, which can be used to pinpoint campaigns for better cost efficiency.
  • Generate more sales. Our franchise operations software offers customer loyalty and sales promotion tools that make it easy to drive more clients to outlets. For franchisors looking to develop their brand, our lead management tools keep new candidates knocking at your door and prospects moving through your sales cycle year-round.
  • Cut out unprofitable busywork. Administrative redundancies are everywhere, from grueling data-entry tasks to manual reporting. But our franchise operations software is designed to fight back against the unprofitable busywork that bogs business owners down. From automatic reports, to multi-platform software integration, to auto-triggered email campaigns to start prospects on the sales cycle, FranchiseSoft is here to help.

Learn more about FranchiseSoft’s franchise operations software at https://www.franchisesoft.com or call 888-302-3676 to speak directly with a member of our team!