Franchise Operations with Software Solutions

Troubleshooting Franchise Operations with Software Solutions

Dec 22,2017 By

Today, we look at three common problems with franchise operations that our software solutions can solve. Read on to learn if FranchiseSoft could help your business.

Operational Problem #1 – Undercapitalization

One of the most obvious pitfalls for businesses is undercapitalization, which refers to any time a brand has insufficient capital to conduct normal franchise operations. This problem is particularly threatening in the first year of business, as some franchisors will require substantial “ramp up” time, most of which they’ll spend idling in the red as the cost of supporting new franchisees exceeds revenues and franchise fees.

While FranchiseSoft won’t necessarily be the end of whatever financial woes you may be suffering, it is an easy way to save money. Without factoring in all the savings that you’ll get from automating many of your data entry and reporting tasks, or the time you’ll find yourself with now that all of your software systems are completely integrated, FranchiseSoft is more affordable than locally-installed software. That’s because our cloud-based software solutions can be deployed throughout your entire franchise network, which means consolidating your software expense into a single purchase price, rather than having to buy dozens of software licenses.

Operational Problem #2 – Weak Infrastructure

Proven systems, polished processes, and attentive support are the backbone of any franchise. Without these keystones in place, your franchise will never grow in a sustainable fashion.

Developing the right infrastructure involves many different factors:

  • You’ll need to analyze your systems, processes, procedures, and support channels to determine what is still required. FranchiseSoft automatically delivers monthly reports to your email, and keeps key performance metrics at your fingertips with real-time monitoring via our intuitive (and fully customizable) dashboard that will help you make these critical assessments.
  • Once you’ve identified the problem, you’ll need to add what’s missing and inform your team of these changes. Though system updates like these used to take months to roll out with individual training and the gradual dissemination of information through emails and phone calls, FranchiseSoft’s Intranet system makes it easy to expand on existing operational materials. Our intranet puts your franchise’s entire Digital Library at your fingertips, so you can add to training or procedural documents and then send email or SMS alerts regarding this change out to your entire franchise roster.
  • After you’ve implemented your infrastructural changes, you’ll need to turn back to step one and analyze the impacts they’ve had, then tweak and repeat until you’ve got the desired results. For this purpose, there is no better tool than FranchiseSoft’s real-time performance monitoring dashboard.

Operational Problem #3 – Finding the Right People

This will mean something different to you depending on which level of business you’re currently opportunity at; franchisees are always looking for the right clientele, while franchisors are looking for the right candidates for franchise ownership. In either case, the long-term success of your business model depends on effective outreach, brand visibility, and relationship building.

For franchisees seeking effective advertising outreach and visibility, our integrated marketing module is the obvious choice, making email and direct marketing campaigns easy to target, create, launch, and manage. These marketing emails and campaigns can be customized to work for franchisors too. Moreover, our franchise development software helps franchisors connect with eligible candidates by reaching out through all popular hiring portals.

Finally, in terms of relationship building, FranchiseSoft is unparalleled, offering streamlined messaging tools that track and organize all correspondence so you can make every client or prospective franchise owner feel special.

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