4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

Nov 15,2017 By

After outlining a typical restaurant owner profile that may sound familiar, this case study explores 4 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise operations software can optimize your processes and boost sales.

Franchise Operations Software Case Study – The “FranchiseSoft Bar & Grill”

Welcome to the FranchiseSoft Bar & Grill!

Our imaginary restaurant franchise finds itself in the same situation that many of our clients describe during their first consultation – ask yourself if this sounds familiar:

  • Business is good – We’re a thriving, multi-unit business with a growing number of locations.
  • We appreciate the need for franchise operations software – Like most restaurant franchises, we understand that the days of manual, pen-and-paper management are behind us. So we set out to find software that met our needs, and ended up with a cart-load of programs to cover client management, marketing, bookkeeping, analytics, employee management, and franchise support. Learning so many different programs was tricky – and we dread training new people for back-office duties – but we feel it gets the job done.
  • We spend a lot of time on manual data entry – Like any restaurant franchise, we understand the importance of diligent inventory, comprehensive scheduling, and detailed bookkeeping, and so fiddling with custom spreadsheets takes up much of our workweek. A lot of this time is spent copying shared data
  • Our marketing campaign needs a facelift – Like your typical restaurateur, we got into this business to make great food and deliver quality customer service, not be the food world’s Don Draper. With no marketing experience to speak of, we threw up some social media accounts, set aside a monthly budget for flyers, and splurged on the odd radio or TV spot, but lack the resources and expertise for focused market research and advertising strategy. It’s getting some results, but we know it’s not optimal.
  • We rely on catering as an added revenue stream – Walk-in diners are great, but catering adds a whole new revenue stream that we cannot afford to pass up in this competitive market, despite all the scheduling stress and chaos these may cause!

If your restaurant franchise has anything in common with the fictitious FranchiseSoft Bar & Grill, you’re in luck: simply updating your franchise operations software can single-handedly improve your sales, customer satisfaction ratings, marketing campaign performance, back-office efficiency, and scheduling!

When restaurant clients describe these kinds of situations during their free consultation, we start by telling them 4 ways franchise operations software can help.

4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software for Your Restaurant Franchise

  • Reduce data entry work and make more time to build your business. As an all-in-one solution, our franchise operations software is designed to eliminate redundancies by synthesizing common data points across all modules. This means, for example, that market campaign spending will automatically update in QuickBooks, rather than having to open two separate programs and type the same data twice. Additionally, we connect POS software with payroll and vendor information to save you back-office chores. Eliminating redundancies in this way gives you more time for cooking and customer interactions, and also leads into reason #2…
  • Improve your business strategy with collective data analysis. Our all-in-one franchise operations software combines business metrics from all modules which allows for collective quantitative analysis and data-driven decision-making. This means you can analyze sales, control labor costs, and keep cost of goods sold within budget to improve your ROI and inform broader business decisions.
  • Take the chaos out of scheduling. Whether you’ve got key crew members calling in sick or a big catering order that requires all hands on deck, our franchise operations software makes scheduling a breeze, allowing you to create and assign jobs to anyone from any mobile device, and easily notify customers and employees about schedule changes.
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns. Restaurant marketing is increasingly going virtual as users turn to Google for reviews, online orders, and local businesses searches. Our franchise operations software optimizes your online and offline marketing campaign with crucial data that is updated, analyzed, and sorted in real-time, as well as advertising/SEO best practices from the experts at ClickTecs, so you can start building the online presence required for success in the Information Age.

Learn more about how FranchiseSoft’s restaurant franchise operations software can work for you – visit https://www.franchisesoft.com to book a free consultation or browse dozens of free blog posts.