5 Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Field Management Software

5 Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Field Management Software

Jun 14,2017 By

Franchise operations management is no easy task, which is why field management software is in such high demand in all corners of the service industry.

If you’ve ever considered investing in software of your own, but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for your business, today’s post is for you. Read on to learn 5 signs that suggest your business could benefit from field management software, and to find out how to book a free consultation with our team.

  1. Your business isn’t up-selling or reselling like it should. As any service-based franchise owner will tell you, return business is best! Successfully selling to return customers is a ringing endorsement for your service that produces a bigger bottom line without eating into your marketing budget.But what if your franchise is leaving money on the table by failing to secure return business?For many franchise owners, this issue starts and ends with organization and automation. Rather than tracking customer info with a series of spreadsheets – or worse, a shoebox full of receipts and loose papers – franchise operations management software lays out all relevant customer data in a secure file that can be accessed and edited anywhere, anytime. Moreover, FranchiseSoft allows you to automate resales with comprehensive-yet-intuitive scheduling tools.
  2. Your new leads are slipping through the cracks. Most franchise systems place a primacy on marketing and brand recognition, but the leads these efforts generate mean nothing if they’re not properly managed. Too often, service-based franchise owners allow leads to go un-contacted, or hinge clients relationships on a single voicemail.FranchiseSoft ensures that your company makes the most of every single lead. We offer a comprehensive dashboard to track leads, easily import details from any device, analyze referral sources, and initiate follow-ups. Furthermore, our mobile app helps to identify reasons why previous leads may have been unsuccessful, even on the go.
  3. You’re losing time with inefficient field inspections. Cumbersome, time-consuming inspections drain valuable resources that could be directed to the growth of your business. FranchiseSoft’s cloud-based, mobile-ready solution allows you to smooth the transition from inspection to scheduling. Use it to secure remote sign-offs, assign jobs in real-time with an interactive calendar, and view reports on client satisfaction to learn where you can fine-tune your inspection process.
  4. You’re out of touch with the daily pulse of your franchise. Service-based franchise owners often like to get involved on the front lines of their business, but that isn’t a good excuse to ignore backend numbers. There are hundreds of performance metrics available to you, and reviewing them can yield valuable insights that inform your marketing, customer service process, and overall franchise development. You can learn about the helpful metrics that FranchiseSoft puts at your fingertips via user-friendly reporting at https://franchisesoft.com/franchise-solutions/franchise-performance/
  5. Your operational system needs some polish. Buying a service-based franchise means getting access to the brand’s operational processes, but that doesn’t mean these processes can’t evolve. If you’ve noticed some efficiency issues, but aren’t sure how to resolve them, FranchiseSoft might be the perfect solution. Whether you need to trim some time off of the invoicing process, or want a better system for tracking your technicians’ availability and performance, we can help!

If you’re ready to learn more about how our software can assist with your franchise’s operations management, visit https://www.franchisesoft.com to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.