Catch Mistakes and Cut Costs with Reporting Software for Franchises

Catch Mistakes and Cut Costs with Reporting Software for Franchises

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Mistakes are part of life and part of business. They’re often catalysts for personal growth and lessons learned. But excessive mistakes can be costly–indeed, they can potentially destroy your business.

As current and former franchise owners ourselves, we know all about how devastating simple errors can be for you business. That’s why we designed our reporting software for franchises to catch mistakes and cut costs automatically.

Why not learn from our mistakes and leverage our solutions?

As Warren Buffet says, “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

Here’s a glimpse of how our reporting software for franchises can help you do just that:

Automatically generate crucial franchise reports

Our reporting software for franchises automatically generates full financial reports and franchise performance reviews. These reports are powerful and intuitive, highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) that draw your attention to the most critical aspects of your business.

Monitor employee training for better onboarding outcomes

Some of the most costly mistakes occur when training new employees. If your onboarding program lacks proper structure and reporting capacities to catch training problems early, errors can manifest as expenses in a number of ways:

First, assuming the franchisor is lucky enough to spot the training mistake before releasing the employee into the workforce, they’ll need to cover the costs of retraining. This isn’t ideal, as you basically pay double the price of training, both for the trainee and the trainer, but it’s better than letting mistakes slide.

In many cases, improper training can force business owners to pay double the cost of labor, as more experienced workers must be brought in to correct the mistakes of new employees. Suddenly, a job that should have cost 4 hours of labor requires 8 or more–sometimes, correcting mistakes can take even longer than starting the job from scratch.

Sometimes training errors can even cost you sales and client referrals entirely. And once the mistake is made, it’s too late to do anything about it.

But you can cut the costs of these errors and improve onboarding outcomes with better training reporting software for franchises. FranchiseSoft automatically monitors employee training, giving franchisors hard data on how long it takes trainees to complete assigned tasks, as well as when and if they were finished. In this way, you can identify sticking points early and keep both trainees and trainers accountable at all times. Additionally, our reporting software for franchises can pinpoint performance issues at the single unit or executive level that may be linked to training errors. You can also monitor performance in real-time using various tools, such as the field service management module, which can be set up so that workers must upload pictures of their job-well-done for franchisor approval.

Eliminate human error with FranchiseSoft task automation

The cost of typos, oversights, and calculation errors quickly adds up.

But our reporting software for franchises automates and optimizes important tasks to eliminate human error and save you time and money.

For example, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software simplifies franchise management and reduces errors by automatically controlling inventory levels and optimizing the supply chain. Our reporting software for franchises gives you corporate-level inventory visibility and allows you to place orders automatically based on min/max inventory levels. The automatic stock replenishment tool can be used all across the franchise chain, giving individual franchisees historical data and seasonal trends to inform their orders.

Our solution also integrates seamlessly with third party financial software, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, DocuSign and QuickBooks, which cuts down the risks of typos and miscalculations as you port data from one platform to another.

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