Close More Sales with Franchise Lead Management Software

Close More Sales with Franchise Lead Management Software

Jul 15,2019 By

Is your franchise lead management software helping you close more sales?

Your answer should be a resounding yes–and you ought to have the stats to prove it. If that’s not the case, you’re 100% leaving money on the table.

Our franchise lead management software can help. Today’s post highlights 3 ways our solution ups your closing rate.

Pinpoint prospects that are ripe for conversion

FranchiseSoft’s robust lead profiles make it easy to pinpoint which prospects are ripe for conversion, placing crucial sales and franchise development information at your fingertips.

From the Directory, you can take in all your leads’ net worth, goals, cash available for investment, inquiry date/time, and projected closing month at a glance. In this way, you can focus on leads whose investment capital and vision fits your opportunity. You can also create a “queue” for your conversion that prioritizes leads whose inquiry date/time came first so that you never leave a prospect feeling neglected.

Best of all, our franchise lead management software monitors your workflow for all leads, so you always know exactly how far they’ve progressed in your conversion process and can pick up precisely where you left off. You can also set up auto-assigned sales tasks for franchisors every time a new lead enters into the system.

Clear your schedule for high-level sales calls

Do you ever stop and think about how your closing rate would look if you could focus on sales all day? Unfortunately, there are often countless other back-office administration and franchisor duties competing for your attention. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

By automatically archiving correspondence, porting relevant data from module to module, and streamlining lead profile creation, our franchise lead management software eliminates administrative busywork and dull data entry tasks, which effectively adds more hours to the day. Our Support module also automates low-level support tasks by directing franchisees to FAQs and support materials, so you can free up your faculties for more important work, whether that’s closing more sales or troubleshooting serious franchisee problems.

Implement a seamless “tag team” sales strategy

Are there any pro wrestling fans reading right now?

If so, you’re probably familiar with the “tag team” match, in which a team of two or more wrestlers takes turns competing against one of the wrestlers on another team, with the idle teammates waiting outside the ring until one of them is tagged by their competing teammate.

The tag team approach is great in competition because you can “tag in” your partner anytime you get tired. Similarly, the tag team sales approach is great for business because it ensures that the client is always talking to somebody who is energetic and engaged.

But the tag team strategy can fall flat when poorly implemented. For example, if you “tag in” another sales representative, who then proceeds to ask the client all the same questions you just did, the customer gets irritated. They may even feel a little neglected.

Didn’t I just explain all this? Are they even listening to me?

Franchise lead management software ensures a seamless tag team experience. By automatically archiving all correspondence, the sales rep you “tag in” can quickly get up to speed on the situation, and pick up precisely where you left off. And since our solution is usable from any internet-enabled mobile device, you can call in backup from anyone, anywhere, anytime–whoever you need to close the sale is only a few clicks away.

Learn more about franchise lead management software

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with our franchise lead management software.

For a full demonstration, fill out the form and book a walkthrough with one of our specialists. You can also call us directly at 888-302-3676 to have all of your questions answered.