Franchise Marketing Automation Software Combines Best of 'Shotgun' and 'Sniper' Strategies

Franchise Marketing Automation Software Combines Best of ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Sniper’ Strategies

Oct 04,2019 By

Today’s post explains how our franchise marketing automation software gives users the best of both “shotgun” and “sniper” approaches to franchise marketing.

Optimizing Shotgun Approach To Franchise Marketing

The Shotgun Approach is a marketing strategy where franchisors try to appeal to as many people as possible by targeting a wide marketing of potential customers using various advertising strategies and/or more general, broadly targeted advertisements.

With FranchiseSoft, the Shotgun Approach is easier than ever. Our solution offers:

  • Simplified cross-platform posting. If you’re trying to get your ad seen by as many people as possible, you want to broadcast your message from numerous platforms. For example, rather than targeting only businesspeople on LinkedIn, you might want to promote a big sale or franchise grand opening to everyone in a certain geographic area. In that case, you may want your ad to run on all of the Big 5 social media channels, as well as some local websites, and blast it out to your email list while you’re at it. With FranchiseSoft, it’s easy. Schedule cross-platform posts, emails and SMS marketing campaigns with a few simple clicks and you’ll have automated your shotgun marketing for days in advance.
  • Easily delegate simple mass-marketing tasks. One of the chief benefits of the Shotgun Approach to marketing is that it isn’t precisely targeted, which cuts out a huge amount of research, analysis, and interpretation. That makes it perfectly suitable to delegate this job while you focus your energy on more pressing matters. Though not strictly a franchise marketing automation software feature, our solution’s cloud-based collaboration capabilities make it easier than ever to give delegates clear instructions and keep them accountable for the work they’ve done. Share the relevant marketing data and ad copy from any mobile device, then either start collaborating or leave your reps to it. Whatever you decide, you’ll be in complete control–monitor changes happening to shared marketing documents in real-time, or consult our auto-generate reports to assess the results after the fact.

Optimizing The Sniper Approach To Franchise Marketing

The Sniper Approach is the polar opposite of the scattershot style mentioned above. This strategy involves targeting a clearly defined audience with personalized ads or messages. Rather than spraying the woods with generally appealing advertising messages, you find out exactly what your target audience likes and dislikes, then create ads that match their needs and wants.

This is the preferred approach for franchise development, where leads are carefully selected based on their business goals, age, available investment capital, and personality types.

Here again, FranchiseSoft’s franchise marketing automation software truly shines:

  • Shave hours off of research without compromising quality. The Sniper Approach takes serious research. But our franchise marketing automation software cuts that workload down to a fraction of the size by auto-generating reports you can use to pinpoint advertising opportunities. And our software really shines when it comes to franchise development marketing, as our comprehensive lead profiles make it easy to organize your contacts by any search criteria–age, referral source, investment level, contact date, and more.
  • Automatically enter leads into your workflow. Our franchise marketing automation software can be used to set up event triggers wherein any new leads entered into the system are automatically sent welcome emails with introductory information, details about “next steps,” and a message stating that they’ll be contacted soon by a representative. This simple automatic email can do wonders for keeping leads engaged and on-track until you’re ready for some face time.
  • Add hours to the day for focused franchise development. One of the biggest challenges with the Sniper Approach is the time commitment. But our franchise marketing automation software eliminates hours of busy work and data entry tasks throughout the day, which frees up business hours for you to apply yourself to franchise development.

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