How Franchise Lead Management Software Creates Distinctive Competencies

How Franchise Lead Management Software Creates Distinctive Competencies

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Creating and marketing distinctive competencies is key for differentiating your brand and improving franchise development outcomes. To that end, franchise lead management software is a valuable tool.

Today’s post explains how our franchise lead management software creates distinctive competencies in terms of customer responsiveness.

What Are Distinctive Competencies?

Basically, distinctive competencies refer to the things a brand does better than its competitors.

What separates your business from the competition? For some franchises, it might be superior product quality anchoring their differentiation strategy. For others, it might be superior service innovation, unparalleled customer responsiveness, or low prices.

Whatever your answer, there’s no denying that when it comes to distinctive competencies, it’s a case of the more the merrier.

Today, we’re looking specifically at the important role that customer responsiveness plays in franchise development, and detailing a few ways our franchise lead management software creates this competitive advantage for owners.

Increase Customer Responsiveness With Franchise Lead Management Software

According to researchers at the International Journal of Service Industry Management, any interaction prospects have with your brand—whether over the phone, on the web, or face-to-face—serve as “critical moments of truth in which customers often develop indelible impressions of a firm.”

This is particularly true when it comes to your brand’s customer responsiveness, which is considered one of the four main building blocks for competitive advantage and distinctive competency, according to Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach.

We can conceptualize customer responsiveness as it relates to lead management in three main ways:

  • Does your brand offer what the customer wants? (i.e. Does your offering or opportunity reflect the current demand for products and services?)
  • Is your brand responsive to customer inquiries? (i.e. Do you reply quickly, with relevant and useful information?)
  • Does your brand communication align with customer preferences? (i.e. Do you meet users “on-device, on-demand,” using their preferred communication channels?)

Our franchise lead management software improves customer responsiveness in all these areas, giving any brand the power to create new distinctive competencies that push them past competitors.

Let’s review a few ways it works:

1.   Show leads you’re in-touch with their needs

  • Use marketing metrics to create messages that resonate with your target audience. Franchise lead management software auto-generates pipeline reports on outreach activities so you can pinpoint and recreate high-performance campaigns.
  • Create custom surveys for even deeper insights. Create multiple surveys to study all aspects of your lead management process and sales cycle. Simply sending out customer surveys conveys a commitment to customer responsiveness that many brands can’t match. Then, once the surveys are returned, you can tailor products, services, lead generation materials, and other forms of outreach to user feedback.
  • Archive correspondence, create detailed profiles, and set reminders to be effortlessly attentive. Archiving correspondence makes it easy to make leads feel special, no matter how busy your business life gets. You may not have interacted with that lead for weeks, but you can still reference the details of their earliest inquiries, follow up about “pain points” they might have shared, and above all, avoid retreading the same ground in follow-up chats. It’s all archived and automatically ported into the lead’s custom profile, which already includes information about their investment levels, interest, date of contact, and more. These small touches are what make interactions memorable. Archiving all this information—and automatically compiling it in your 360-degree lead profile—also allows you to pass leads between sales representatives without ever missing a beat.

    Finally, our lead management software allows you to create automatic reminders to tell you when cold leads need attention, as well as set custom reminders to follow-up on specific questions or consultation requests.

2.   Meet Leads On-device, On-demand

Our entire franchise management solution is based on the idea that our clients deserve to be met on-device and on-demand. That means offering all of our lead management functionality on any web-enabled device, and also using the lead’s preferred method of communication.

FranchiseSoft does both.

Based on your response rates and the key performance indicators contained in your auto-generated reports, you’ll quickly discover what communication channels work best for different leads; you’ll see exactly which campaigns and lead generation platforms are worth your while. It’s different in every industry, but there are no secrets with the insights offered by our lead management analytics.

Once you’ve made the connection, you’ll find some leads prefer SMS; other people operate strictly through email; and some old-school investors still only do business face-to-face. With FranchiseSoft, that’s no problem—it doesn’t even require any extra inputs. You can send SMS messages, write emails, start chats, or make phone calls, all through the same central dashboard. In this way, we make it easy to meet leads on-device, on-demand, which puts your distinctive competency on full display, without requiring any productivity trade-offs.

3.   Improve Response Time; Automate The Sales Cycle

Set up alerts to instantly be notified of any inquiries from leads to reduce response time. Rather than cycling through all of your different social media accounts and active ads to stay on top of things, you can work entirely from a centralized dashboard—the very same one you use to draft your lead generation materials and review their performance, as well as where your 360-degree lead profiles are stored. Everything is at your fingertips.

But what about when you can’t access your device? There’s no reason your work commute, sales meeting, or family time should be costing you franchise development opportunities and decreasing your brand’s apparent customer-responsiveness.

FranchiseSoft gives you options. Set up automatic messages welcoming new leads and sharing investment information; send registration forms for leads to schedule appointments; share brochures and FAQs with assurances that “a representative is reviewing your question and will be with you shortly”—whatever you need to keep leads hot until you’re ready to work.

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