Improving Adherence with Franchise Management Services

Improving Adherence with Franchise Management Services

Oct 29,2018 By

For many brands, franchise success boils down to consistency. But what do you do when your franchisees stray off the path? Better yet, how do you stop them straying in the first place?

Our virtual franchise management services can help.

Read on to learn how our franchise management services improve brand adherence by fostering communication, accountability, engagement, and more!

Improve Attendance at Team Meetings and Seminars

There are a lot of tricks and tips out there for increasing attendance at meetings and seminars. Beyond keeping things fun and engaging, Destination Colorado suggests:

  1. Monitoring attendance, and following up on absences;
  2. Developing a mentor list (or otherwise assign informal leadership positions), and having this small group actively encourage meeting attendance;
  3. Circulating a monthly newsletter to communicate your event, collect registrations, and post updates.

These are all helpful tips and concepts, but how do you execute and implement them? FranchiseSoft’s franchise management services can help:

  1. Track attendance automatically, and store your attendance logs forever in a secure cloud server to make employee reviews more powerful than ever. And whether you choose to follow-up on those absences with a text, email, or personal phone call, you can do it all from the same mobile app you use to access the rest of our franchise management services.
  2. Empower your “mentor list” with access to streamlined communication and scheduling tools. When signed in with leadership-level access, you can look through all staff calendars for more efficient planning that stops you having to contact individual members to ask for availability. The Calendar tool shows you whose calendar you’re looking at, their location details, and their local time vs. yours (for those scheduling international meetings via Skype, FaceTime, and other video conference tools). Simply use the Task View option to assign tasks, such as meeting attendance or preparation, to anyone in the entire system.
  3. FranchiseSoft users have tons of options for getting word out regarding upcoming meetings. Newsletters and email blasts can blasted en masse or precisely targeted with a few clicks. Upcoming meeting info can be display on the homepage of our management software alongside exciting industry news. And for big conferences or multi-seminar events, you can easily create virtual brochures with exciting preview information, videos, and more.

Keep Everybody Working From the Same Playbook

Even franchisees with the best intentions can stray from your franchise system if they don’t have reference materials handy 24/7. So why not give it to them?

But rather than forcing every business owner in your system to lug around physical copies of the franchise training guide, operational playbook, current month’s marketing copy, and so on, use our franchise management services. With FranchiseSoft, you can upload all your rules and training materials to secure cloud servers that authorized users can access from any mobile device at any time. This not only eliminates a huge percentage of support services tickets (thereby freeing up support workers for more important tasks), but also makes it easy to “play by the rules.”

Troubleshoot Adherence Problems Fast with Targeted Training

So you’ve spotted some adherence problems, but they’re not malicious–in this case the franchisee simply didn’t know the brand’s established process. Now what?

It’s an easy fix with our franchise management services. With one device, one app, and a few clicks, you can create the training task, assign it to however many people need a review (with due dates!), and monitor their progress with powerful back-end analytics.

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