Mobile Franchise Technology Solutions Matter More Than Ever in 2019

Mobile Franchise Technology Solutions Matter More Than Ever in 2019

Sep 10,2019 By

Today’s post runs down 3 reasons that mobile franchise technology solutions are non-negotiable for your business in 2019.

  • Mobile franchise technology solutions nip field service problems in the bud. Imagine your service worker is out on the job when suddenly they come face to face with a problem they’ve never encountered in the field or in training.What happens next?Without mobile franchise technology solutions, the job instantly falls off schedule. After spending valuable time trying to think through the problem on their own, the employee ends up having to call somebody for help. And while it might be possible to work through the issue over the phone, it’s more likely that you’ll have to send some backup. That means more labor costs, missed deadlines, and disappointed clients.

    But FranchiseSoft could keep that job on schedule!

    Our mobile franchise technology solutions give field service workers an entire arsenal of support resources, reference materials, and other life lines they can use in the field to work through unfamiliar issues. From your mobile phone, you can access training materials and process manuals via a secure and private Intranet server; upload pictures of the problem for your support team to assess back at headquarters; or direct message fellow workers to troubleshoot.

    And if you do need to call for back-up, our mobile franchise technology solutions allow workers to geo-locate nearby field reps on a central dashboard to speed up response time and keep the job on-schedule.

  • Mobile franchise technology solutions help you capture creative inspiration. Ever wonder why your best ideas seem to strike in the shower, the car, or those half-lucid moments before sleep sets in?It’s no coincidence. In a meta-analysis of contemporary creativity research, Leo Widrich highlighted 3 keys to creativity: playfulness, relaxation, and distraction.Unfortunately, most traditional workplaces are not conducive to these feelings. But that doesn’t mean your best ideas should go to waste.

    With mobile franchise technology solutions, you can transform any room with internet access into your corporate command center. Sit up in bed and start drafting that innovative marketing copy you dreamt up; hop out of the shower and fix that big scheduling problem; or cross-reference franchise performance reports on the side of the road. Whatever gifts the Muse has brought your business, FranchiseSoft puts them to good use.

  • Mobile franchise technology solutions help you meet new responsivity standards in 2019. A seminal 2016 study from Search Engine Watch found that 7 in 10 Twitter users expect to receive a response from brands that they reach out to within a “reasonable timeframe.” 53% of this group expected a response in under an hour. And if they were tweeting a complaint or providing negative feedback, that number rises to 72%.Similar response time expectations were tracked on for users writing Facebook page comments and leaving business reviews. In all cases, faster responses were always better. Naturally, the same is true of leads requesting more information from your business–the longer you wait to reply, the lower your chances of converting that inquiry into a potential sale.Without mobile capabilities, your response time is limited to “business hours.” With mobile tech, “business hours” are whatever you make them. And with our customizable alerts/notifications, you’ll know exactly when important messages come in.

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