Top 3 Benefits of Franchise Email Marketing Software

Top 3 Benefits of Franchise Email Marketing Software

Aug 26,2019 By

Today’s post runs down the top 3 benefits of FranchiseSoft’s franchise email marketing software.

Franchise Email Marketing Software Heats Up Leads Automatically

Research has shown that welcome emails are incredibly effective, both for franchise development and general franchise sales. On average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails.

But getting those emails out can be a bit of a chore. Of course, you don’t have to type personalized messages every time–templates work just fine–but taking a moment to send out your welcome email whenever a new lead enters the system can shave productive hours off your work week.

Franchise email marketing software lets you reap all the benefits with none of the work. In seconds, you can set up a trigger whereby “Welcome!” emails are automatically sent to new leads whenever they enter the system. In this way, you reserve your email correspondence time for replying to hot leads, rather than trying to warm up cold leads with manual welcome messages.

Franchise Email Marketing Software Puts Untapped Opportunities In Reach

FACT: Less than half (44%) of all franchise business owners and managers are currently running email marketing newsletter campaigns to engage their customers.

That means a full 56% of franchises are neglecting their email marketing duties. Clearly, email marketing remains a largely untapped resource in the franchising world.

And that’s not because franchisors think it isn’t worthwhile. Survey respondents indicated that the top two reasons why email marketing campaigns aren’t being integrated are lack of time and technical acumen. 29% of franchise business owners and managers intend to implement a campaign in the future, once they find the time (which as most busy business owners know means never!). The remaining 27%, many of whom were simply intimidated by the technology, indicated that they would not pursue email marketing campaigns in the future.

Franchise email marketing software makes it much easier to find the time, and simplifies the entire email marketing process so that anyone can run sophisticated campaigns from the palm of their hand.

In this way, FranchiseSoft helps businesses secure major competitive advantages. By simplifying the process and supporting you every step of the way, we give your brand to a largely untapped opportunity, engaging your audience like never before in a marketing space with limited competition. And since so much of the campaign can be automated, it doesn’t detract from any of your existing operations. It’s win-win!

Franchise Email Marketing Software Gets You In The Game With Better Newsletter Frequency, Quality

FACT: Of the 44% of franchises who do conduct email marketing campaigns, more than half (61%) engage their subscribers on a more-often-than-one-month frequency.

If you want to get into the email marketing game, you have to go hard! That means frequent email updates.

After all, the whole point of email marketing is to engage your audience, promote big deals or new products, and build your brand. But none of that is possible (or at least optimal) if you’re only sending quarterly emails.

Here again, the main problem is time–more specifically, the lack thereof. Trying to manage an email marketing campaign using a standard email provider is just not efficient. And that’s where franchise email marketing software truly shines. We offer abundant automation opportunities, streamlined cross-platform communications, easy-to-use templates, and user-friendly layouts to get your campaign up and running fast.

Another big challenge to overcome in order to “get you in the game” is email quality. The secret to high-performance emails is no secret at all: research. You need to know about your audience and monitor how they respond to your newsletter blasts in order to pinpoint high-performance content.

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