Smashing Productivity Barriers with Franchise Technology Solutions

Smashing Productivity Barriers with Franchise Technology Solutions

Mar 18,2019 By

Productivity is always the end game. Everyone is looking for ways to do more for less.

Today’s post highlights how our franchise technology solutions counteract the top-3 productivity traps hurting big brands today.

  • Wasting Time on Low-Level Tasks. Not every task is worth your time and energy. For instance, if you make money selling franchises, why would you waste your time and special skills typing up financial documents? While inputting accounting data is an important job, franchisors have better things to do. That’s why it’s so important to delegate–or better yet, automate. We designed our franchise technology solutions to automate as much as possible and streamline everything that needs a human touch. Our fully integrative, modular approach is inherently efficient: FranchiseSoft combines marketing, franchise development, sales, and performance functionality into a single software solution, which eliminates much of the data entry work required when working with multiple “siloed” software tools. Our solution integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, and saves all client information for easy invoicing. Low-level support tasks are addressed using updateable FAQs and searchable training materials, so your support staff can focus on more intensive fixes that requires creative problem solving. Scheduling headaches disappear with our self-service calendar, which gives staff the ability to create and change their schedules, and immediately alerts involved parties of any conflicts or overtime hours. Even the early stages of lead generation can be automated through triggered email campaigns that welcome new prospects and move them through the sales cycle.
  • Burning Daylight with Excessive Back-and-Forth. Commuting back and forth from workshop to job site is a costly time sink that’s also bad for the environment. But sometimes it seems unavoidable; occasionally workers need sign-off on special jobs, or you have to visit the client another day to collect payment. In these cases, rather than leaving the customer waiting for their service, you bite the bullet and do the work, knowing you’ll have to make another trip in the future. But what if there was a better way?Next time you need sign-off, simply have your employee upload a picture of their work. Our franchise technology solutions let you approve of the job or point our problems remotely, while the employee is still on-site to address any issues. That way any fixes can be implemented right away.

    And if you want to cut out an extra trip to collect pay, simply invoice on-site and have the client pay online.

  • Inefficient Training. Productivity issues can indicate larger flaws in the franchise process, but they often stem from poor training protocols. Many franchises offer little more than a week or two of training up front, which leaves plenty of room for bad habits to develop. In these situations, it’s lose-lose: you either let the inefficiencies stand or backtrack on training. That’s why we designed our franchise technology solutions to make training better. In addition to your standard training process, you can create and assign custom training tasks, then monitor the trainee’s progress to assess their potential and head off sticking points. FranchiseSoft’s Intranet module can also be used to safely store all training materials and reference guides, which puts the answers to any problems in the palm of your employees’ hands at all times.

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