5 Ways Field Service Management Software Improves Operations

5 Ways Field Service Management Software Improves Operations

Mar 11,2019 By

In today’s post, we run down 5 ways that our field service management software can make your brand more profitable in 2019. Whether you want to add more hours to the day or improve customer relations, FranchiseSoft is the solution.

  • Improve Service Call Response Time. With all the time it saves workers on the front lines, our field service management software seemingly adds hours to the day. From first call to payment processing, our field service management software is invaluable. After receiving a call from a new customer, managers can quickly look up the nearest field service worker, review their schedule, and assign the job. Already, you’re adding hours to the day by eliminating the need to ask about availability and wait out the response time. Within seconds of the customer hanging up the phone, the job is booked, and both parties are prompted for a confirmation. Another click or two sends the worker all required information, including optimal route to the site, parts/tools requirement, customer service history, and contact details. And by geo-locating the nearest rep, you ensure your staff arrive on-site fast.
  • Enhance Professionalism. Professionals always have what they need to get the job done. Accordingly, our field service management software keeps all essential information at your employee’s fingertips.Whether they need to review the client’s service history, comb back through correspondence to refresh their memory, or refer back to the handbook to finish a trick job, FranchiseSoft is on-hand to help. All client information is automatically saved for easy look-up, along with all SMS, email, and phone communications. Moreover, franchise owners can store all training materials, support FAQs, and step-by-step guides in their private Intranet, which can be accessed from any device when mobile troubleshooting is needed. And if none of these provide the answer, your employee can always reach out directly to a colleague without ever switching apps. In this way, your staff will never need to stop working and wait for help, and they’ll always know what to say.
  • Faster Approvals and Payment Processing. Cash flow is important for many businesses, and most clients prefer not to have invoice hanging over their heads. Our field service management software gives every employee the ability to upload images of completed work for approval, secure sign-off from management, and invoice clients on the spot. Clients can then choose to pay on-site or later online. And our module integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, so you can cut out another redundant data-entry task.
  • Better Training Outcomes and Adherence. Our field service management software supports between training outcomes by giving managers the ability to create and assign custom training “courses,” then track the trainee’s progress. QA and adherence is assured via real-time monitoring, automatic archiving of client correspondence, and the ability to upload images of completed work for approval. These features can be used both to police non-compliant employees and to reward others for jobs well-done.
  • Powerful Reporting Insights. Our field service management software automatically generated intuitive reports that help you spot weak links and star performers. Harness the power of reporting on client satisfaction by field field, revenue by field rep, and much more.

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