Sustaining Success: The Secret Behind Our Responsive Franchise Software Development

Sustaining Success: The Secret Behind Our Responsive Franchise Software Development

Jul 05,2018 By

Today’s post shares the secrets to the continued success of our franchise software development.

FranchiseSoft understands the variable nature of franchise systems

If there’s one thing our experience has taught us about franchising, it’s that franchising is characterized by diversity.

Over 750,000 franchises were in operation in the United States in 2017, and no two out there that year were exactly alike. Evidencing their diversity, franchise systems have been used successfully in almost every industry you can think of. Moreover, franchising is an international phenomenon, with systems in use all over the world today.

Knowing that no two franchise systems are exactly alike, why then do some franchise software providers still try to make rigid, one-size-fits-all systems work?

The answer boils down to effort, and the fact that our approach requires more of it.

You can’t build anything great without sacrifice, and with our goal set at developing software that would work for any franchise system, we knew the road would not be easy.

But our franchise software development was informed by real franchise experience. Indeed, our developers are current and former franchise owners from different industries, which made them the perfect guinea pigs. We designed a powerful platform and suite of open-ended tools that could be implemented in any industry, and put our creation to the test time after time.

When our franchise software development was finished, we were left with a completely customizable system. Now franchise owners can monitor performance, manage leads, generate powerful reports and compelling content, automate daily tasks, and virtualize systems for whatever business they’re running.

FranchiseSoft never settles

Building off the previous point, franchise needs are not only diverse; they’re dynamic. As new technologies, threats, and opportunities emerge, needs change, which is why FranchiseSoft is constantly rolling out new updates that introduce high-value features or tackle common sticking points.

Our commitment to continually adding value via software updates has helped us sustain our success in the face of rising competition in this sector. And here again our franchise experience pays off; other franchise software development teams just don’t have their finger on the pulse of the industry like we do.

FranchiseSoft takes User Feedback seriously

Our commitment to rolling out fresh updates is strongly tied to our belief in the value of user feedback. Indeed, the majority of our updates are direct responses to user suggestions or problem reports.

Our franchise software promotes user feedback in order to maintain a cycle of analysis and adaptation.

From the home page, the User Feedback icon can be found at the top right. From there, users can send detailed reports about what they love and hate about our software. Evidencing our belief in transparency, this feedback is made visible to other users, who can then upvote comments they agree with to draw our developers’ attention to common problems and requests.

Like we said, we regularly roll out updates to address user feedback, and when we do, it’s all detailed in the “Release Notes” tab, which can be accessed from the menu at the top right of the Homepage.

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