The Importance Of Franchisee Access, Document Segmentation & Store Level Implementation

The Importance Of Franchisee Access, Document Segmentation & Store Level Implementation

Feb 28,2022 By

Franchise Soft is a franchise software that offers quick and easy access to a variety of different documents required by franchisees in the day-to -day operations of their franchise business.

Franchise software comes in all different types of packages, but beware of generic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that claims to be franchise software. Franchise Soft is purely dedicated to the franchise industry and therefore is only a franchise software. When purchasing franchise software, you must understand the importance of usability for both the franchisor and its franchisees. Many franchise software makers discount the importance of franchisee engagement and only target the franchisor as the end-user.

Not FranchiseSoft. We are a franchise software with both the Franchisor and Franchisees in mind. We have created a Franchisee Dashboard within our franchise software to allow the franchisor to communicate with franchisees and, most importantly, provide franchisees with quick and easy access to important documents and disseminate that information down to their store-level management and team members.

FranchiseSoft allows franchisors to upload and categorize important franchise documents within its franchise software. Some of the documents that franchisors can upload for their franchisees with our franchise software include:

  • Operations Manual
  • Marketing Manual
  • Local Store Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Materials / Templates
  • Human Resources Documents
  • Logos
  • Recipes / Build Charts / Menus / Price Books
  • Operational Notifications / Implementations

However, when the franchisor uploads these documents to FranchiseSoft’s franchise software it is important to properly segmented the material so that it is not just a 600-page document for franchisees to painstakingly navigate through.

What do we mean by “segment the document”? We mean take the documents down to the purest and “teachable” formats. Meaning, the franchisees accessing the documents within the franchise software will be doing so to gather information or best practices on various subject matters pertaining to the day-to-day operations of their store.

For example, if you have an Operations Manual that is 600-pages, you might want to break it down into small sections that are searchable within the franchise software in order to make obtaining (and digesting) the information easier for franchisees while they are operating in a store-level environment.

You may choose to breakdown your Operations Manual, in some sections, like this within the franchise software. Instead of a generic section like “Store Operations” which, let’s say, is 100-pages, you may break it down like this:

  • Store Opening Procedures (4-pages)
  • Store Opening Checklist (1-page)
  • Store Midday Store Checklist (1-page)
  • Store Closing Procedures (4-pages)
  • Store Closing Checklist (1-page)

This offers franchisees or their staff searching a specific topic on “store opening” to bypass the hundreds of pages in the Operations Manual and focus on the pertinent information in relation to the problem they are experiencing store-level.

Sounds simple – but many would be shocked to know how many industry-leading concepts fail to segment (and digitize) their operations manuals beyond the initial delivery. To have franchisees access either a “paper copy” or PDF version of an operations manual simply doesn’t work in 2022.

Franchisee access to important documents, via a franchise software like FranchiseSoft, provides a quick and effective way to source and implement information store-level that will result in a heighten guest/customer experience. It is a win-win for both the franchisee and the franchisor.

Now, in order to capitalize on such an effective system, the Franchisor must invest the time and effort into integrating a franchise software into their franchise system.

Luckily for franchisors, FranchiseSoft makes franchise software integration Super Easy!

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