Top Features Of Franchise Management Software For Property Restoration Franchises And Property Managers

Top Features Of Franchise Management Software For Property Restoration Franchises And Property Managers

Nov 27,2020 By

With cutting-edge features and the potential for endless customization FranchiseSoft can flex to fit any franchise need. Today’s post highlights the top features of our franchise management software for property restoration franchises and property managers.

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1.  Detailed Reports For Better All-round Franchise Performance

Whether you’re looking to improve training outcomes, lead generation campaigns, marketing strategies, or overall property restoration franchise performance, reporting is key. But as anyone who has ever suffered through report-writing will tell you, manual reporting is a labor-intensive nightmare. Not only do you need to monitor every aspect of the service or process on which you need to report, you also need to present your findings in a way that’s intuitive and easy-to-read, otherwise it’s all for naught!

Take your reporting into 2020 and beyond with FranchiseSoft’s franchise management software for property restoration franchises. Collect data and auto-generate reports to highlight key performance indicators, threats, and opportunities in any aspect of your business, including:

  • Property restoration franchise marketing reports (e.g. how many impressions did your campaign yield? How did prospects respond to certain ads compared to others?)
  • Property restoration franchise lead generation / franchise development reporting (e.g. Are leads clicking on the links included in your custom virtual brochure? Which ones? And what lead sources are worth focusing on?)
  • Reports on franchisee / employee training progress and outcomes (e.g. When did the trainee begin the assigned course? How far did they get? What questions/areas gave them pause?)
  • Financial reports (e.g. invoices, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, royalty payment information)
  • Franchise performance reports (e.g. Which property restoration franchises are struggling, and in what areas?)

2.  Save Time And Free Up Property Restoration Staff With Automated Workflows

Workflow automation has long been a primary selling point for franchise software systems, and for good reason. By putting repetitive tasks on “cruise control,” you add hours to the work week, making more time for more important jobs, like filling vacancies and responding to urgent maintenance requests from tenants. Research has also shown that automated workflows can improve staff morale, making everyone’s work day a little more interesting (and rewarding) by allowing people to focus on higher-level tasks.

Our franchise management software for property restoration franchises lets you design and implement 100% customizable workflows, tailored to your specific needs. Map important processes and set triggers to:

  • Automatically welcome new leads into the system with welcome emails detailing next steps
  • Automatically alert property restoration franchise
  • Automatically notify property management franchise owners about vacancies and rental agreements in need of renewal
  • Auto-generate invoices, paperwork, and tax forms for tenants, contractors, and franchise owners
  • Automatically record correspondence with tenants, contractors, or other clients, send follow-up reminders, and more!

And where total automation isn’t possible, we make it easy to create task lists and training assignments, or import common processes with a few simple clicks.

3.  Facilitate Faster Start-up With Franchise Onboarding Software

Franchise start-up should be fast, organized, and supportive from start-to-finish. To that end, our franchise management software for property restoration franchises offers the following functionality:

  • Private intranet server to host all your training modules, brand material, corporate history, and onboarding checklists
  • Effortless onboarding task management, allowing franchisors to select and assign tasks from the “master multi-point tasklist” with a few easy clicks, then monitor the trainee’s progress as they go
  • Easy internal training trackers, allowing franchisors to see who needs training upgrades straight from the franchisee list

4.  Complete Property Restoration Franchise Software Compatibility

One of the biggest hurdles that property restoration franchise owners face when trying to virtualize their business is software compatibility. And while the dreaded days of catastrophic compatibility issues, where errors could lead to system instability and data loss, are mostly behind us, incompatibilities still create costly redundancies. These cost time, which costs money, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid with your franchise software investment.

For example, if your property restoration software isn’t compatible with your current marketing analytic tools, cross-platform social media posting hub, or bookkeeping software, you’re left with no other option than to slug through hours of manual data entry—hours which could have been spent warming up leads for your franchise development, or conducting walk-throughs on newly vacant properties.

The FranchiseSoft development team is made up of current and former franchise owners from multiple industries, all of whom make use of different software in their day-to-day operations, and so we made software compatibility a priority from day-one. Today, we’re proud to say that FranchiseSoft’s modular system seamlessly integrates with all the most popular property restoration business software, instantly porting common data points between programs to eliminate redundant data entry and compatibility concerns.

5.  Powerful Communication Capabilities For Improved Satisfaction At All Levels

As the old adage goes, communication is key. It holds true for just about everything, from romantic relationships to business management. And really, while property restoration franchise owners naturally spend lots of time managing properties, they spend at least as much time managing relationships.

Clear and timely communication is critical for effective franchise development, onboarding, dispute resolution, billing, marketing, and overall franchise performance. To be successful, you need the ability to instantly reach out and get in touch with tenants, contractors, franchise owners, suppliers, marketers, and any other stakeholders involved in your day-to-day operations, no matter where they are in the country, or what form of communication they prefer.

Likewise, individual property restoration franchise owners need clear communications to manage their subcontractors, track down materials, and connect with customers.

Whether you’re an individual franchise owner or the head of a big brand, our franchise management software makes it easy to maintain clear and timely communications with all parties. With all your contact information contained in our secure, cloud-based directory, you can instantly pull up client, shareholder, and stakeholder profiles, refer to digital notes about their preferred method of contact, then reach out via email, SMS, or phone, all from the same app.

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