Benefit of Franchise Software

The Value of Virtualization: Exploring the Benefit of Franchise Software

Dec 22,2017 By

In 2017, if your business isn’t virtualized, you’re well behind the curve. Today’s post discusses some of the main benefits of virtualization using FranchiseSoft’s CRM- franchise management software

  • Increase sales. The most important, bottom-line benefit of franchise software is that it will increase your sales. If this is not something your current provider is offering, you’re running a suboptimal system. Sales are directly affected by the quality of customer service and relations your company can provide. Our customer loyalty and sales promotion tools drive more people to individual outlets, while our streamlined messaging system and tracked correspondence ensures quality customer experiences every time.
  • Optimize inventory levels and supply chain. One benefit of franchise software is that it maximizes your corporate level inventory visibility. Moreover, our automatic stock replenishment tool can be used across the entire franchise network, putting data on historical and seasonal trends into the hands of the individual franchisees who need it most. This helps keep everyone on top of how much product they have and how much they’ll need, which protects against any potential shortages or blowouts in the future.
  • Access your business from anywhere. The majority of people today walk around with the power to run an entire business in their pants’ pocket; with mobile devices now surpassing the desktops of yesteryear, the right franchise software is all you need to run your company remotely. Cloud-based software like ours gives you the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere with an internet connection, giving you access to your franchise’s Digital Library via the Intranet, along with intuitive dashboards keep you updated on key business performance metrics in real-time.
  • Give your franchise information multilevel protection. In the information age, data is more precious than ever. Clients and franchisees will be unwilling to work with a franchise that doesn’t practice due diligence when it comes to information security. When using locally installed software alone, losing crucial information via data corruption, hardware damage, or disastrous misclicks is always a possibility. If you’re not using cloud-based software, your only option, in this case, is to keep backups at another location to prevent catastrophic losses. As current and former franchise owners, we understand the need for multilevel data protection. Our cloud-based software is highly secure so you never have to worry about handling sensitive information while you work on the go. Moreover, our data backups are fully automated so you never lose the sales and client information that sustains your business.
  • Streamline software updating. With locally installed software, maintenance and update duties fall on the shoulders on the individual computer operator. While this may suit some smaller, single-computer businesses, it’s simply not feasible for big franchises, especially when multiple units are involved. With cloud-based software, the updates happen on the server-side. This is great news for franchisors; rather than traveling to each individual location to manually update each computer, our cloud-based software automates the entire process. In this way, we ensure all parts of your franchise are operating on the same page at all times, without needing to dedicate extra man-hours to the task.
  • Save tons of money. Outfitting an entire franchise network with locally-installed software means purchases numerous software licenses, whereas FranchiseSoft can be deployed to your entire company roster for a single, consolidated fee. Many consider these direct savings to be the primary benefit of cloud-based franchise software.

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