What to Look for in a Franchise Accounting Software System

What to Look for in a Franchise Accounting Software System

May 10,2019 By

What do you look for in franchise accounting software beyond the basics? Today’s post looks past the standard software package to help buyers build smarter search criteria.

  • Seamless Software Integration. Integrated franchise accounting software systems combine and enhance the powers of all your favorite modern accounting tools. Our franchise accounting software system integrates with QuickBooks, DocuSign, Authorize.Net, PayPal (the world’s most popular web-based payment gateway), and more.

  • Franchise-Savvy Developers. Plenty of great software gets made by developers without any direct experience in the industry for which it’s intended. But there’s no denying that industry-informed developers are a good thing. After all, as the “Telephone Game” teaches children, important details get lost in translation; indeed, sometimes entire messages get warped and garbled.

    So while having franchisors oversee the development of franchise accounting software system is a step in the right direction, it’s not a foolproof approach. Communication barriers are a common problem, and it can be tough to impress the importance of certain details on developers who lack firsthand franchise experience.

    There’s a better option. FranchiseSoft’s development team is made up of current and former franchise owners who understand your unique software needs. We’ve managed multiple teams of employees; juggled inventory at the executive level; supervised franchise-wide finances; coordinated multi-level marketing campaigns, and more. These experiences have helped us create an intuitive franchise accounting software system that works equally well as a powerful supplement or all-in-one solution for your brand.

  • Premium Features. Your franchise accounting software should have all the premium features you’d expect of any high-level end-user application.

    To audit any franchise accounting software system, simply research 3-4 comparable products and take note of which features reappear as value propositions. Make a shortlist of premium features that speak to your needs and use that as custom research criteria.

    We can use this auditing technique to show how FranchiseSoft rolls many of the best software features into a single solution. For example, let’s take a look at QuickBooks, an extremely popular tool for franchises. In 2015, it surpassed 1 million users. Looking at the features, QuickBooks Online boasts that you can “Access financial data on the go, anytime, anywhere.” They also highlight how you can take in business reports at a glance; easily run business reports; track expenses, sales, and income; auto-sync data across multiple devices, and create custom invoices in just a few clicks. We can simply copy and paste this feature rundown into a blank document and use it as a checklist to evaluate other potential tools.

    In this case, FranchiseSoft’s value is clear–we offer all the aforementioned features and more. Additionally, our franchise accounting software system is completely compatible with most 3rd party software, which means that our solution can enhance your existing software tools.

  • Living, Breathing, Evolving Franchise Accounting Software Systems. Steer clear of “dead” franchise account software systems that provide no support, updates, or ongoing development.

    Though FranchiseSoft is a “finished product,” our work is never finished. Times and technologies change, and our team is always hard at work creating features, increasing software compatibility, and supporting users. As such, our franchise accounting software system is always evolving.

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