Why Trust FranchiseSoft's Franchise Technology Solutions?

Why Trust FranchiseSoft’s Franchise Technology Solutions?

Jul 29,2019 By

Google “franchise technology solutions” and you get more than 52-million results, none of which help you determine who you can actually trust with your brand name. Choosing the wrong franchise technology solution can be disastrous–a total waste of money at best.

Today’s post is intended to help you decide which franchise software companies you can really trust. Read on to learn the top-3 things to look for in a trustworthy franchise software company–and why it is you can trust FranchiseSoft’s franchise technology solutions.

FranchiseSoft: Franchise technology solutions made by and for franchise owners

Did you know that the FranchiseSoft team is made up largely of current and former franchise owners?

That means our team is intimately familiar with the demands of franchising and the ways in which technology can make or break a franchise.

Thus, the first step of our franchise technology solution design process was to create a “hit list” of the top franchising problems and inefficiencies that we wanted to address. As you can see, FranchiseSoft is literally made by and for franchise owners.

We also welcome the feedback of franchise owners at all times to inform the ongoing development of our solutions. Users can send feedback about any aspect of our software. We use a simple upvote system to determine which comments are more valuable to our users, then prioritize these changes for upcoming patches, all of which you can read about in the “Release Notes” tab.

Case studies highlight the value of franchise technology solutions

FranchiseSoft’s franchise technology solutions consistently play a major part in the success of online franchise marketing campaigns by sister company ClickTecs, which is run by FranchiseSoft CEO and co-founder Jamshaid Hashmi.

For instance, ClickTecs recently launched a successful SEO campaign for the Kitchen Solvers franchise site that increased organic traffic by 58% in just 12 months. FranchiseSoft played a major role in that campaign by optimizing communications between team members and clients, enhancing market research outcomes, and leveraging various marketing module solutions.

More glowing reviews than you’ve got time to read

In 2019, 84% of people trust online reviews more than direct recommendations from friends and family, according to a study by BrightLocal. And while we’re not here to argue for or against that fact, we have to admit that FranchiseSoft does get a lot of great reviews!

One of the most common things we hear is that our franchise technology solution streamlines franchise growth and development:

“As a growing brand we needed a system and partnership that would expand and innovate alongside us,” writes Lenny Verkhoglaz, CEO and founder of the Executive Care franchise. “FranchiseSoft delivers a tremendous franchise management and development platform for our team and franchisees as we enter our next phase of growth.”

And Lenny has a lot of growth to manage–according to the Huffington Post, in-home care is now the second largest and fastest growing segment in the healthcare industry. Our franchise technology solutions met this demand in stride.

Evidencing our franchise specialization, our franchise technology solution has also received a lot of praise for its royalty and reporting processes:

“We chose FranchiseSoft because its going to help us manage our Franchise Development, manage our Franchise Owners, and streamline all our royalty and reporting processes,” wrote Bruce Matters, CEO of Coastalcaretakers. “It provides a great platform for our Franchisees to manage their day to day business that all rolls up to me, the Franchisor.”

And users love how we’ve made our franchise technology solutions so intuitive and easy to use:

“We are very satisfied with the training provided by FranchiseSoft on their franchise management software,” writes  Amanda House of the Ziebart International Corp. “The team was always available to help, and the CRM was easy to use. I’m happy to recommend Franchisesoft.”

You can find more testimonials on our website.