All-in-One Franchise Software

Does All-in-One Franchise Software Really Exist?

Apr 20,2018 By

If you’ve spent any time on our website, you may have seen our franchise software described as “all-in-one software for Franchisors and Franchisees.”

And yet, here we are, positing a question about whether all-in-one franchise software truly exists.

So does it?

The answer might surprise you.

Admittedly, FranchiseSoft can’t tell you which song is playing on the radio; it won’t let you edit and upload cat videos to YouTube; and you can’t use it to snoop around your neighbour’s property on Google Earth. There’s software dedicated to all of those things, if that’s what you’re into.

So no, FranchiseSoft isn’t literally the only piece of software you’re going to need in life. It’s not a one-stop-shop in that sense.

But when it comes to managing, developing, and marketing your franchise, our franchise software truly has it all. What follows is an overview of exactly what our franchise software offers, as well as how it works in any industry to benefit all members of the franchise family.

Ground-level franchise software solutions

Franchisees are often forgotten in the search for high-quality franchise software, but “all-in-one” software should make life easier for single-unit owners and CEOs alike.

Our franchise software is a totally viable standalone solution for single-unit franchise owners, with marketing, support, customer service, and field service management modules that let you:

  • Create new jobs and them to field reps using any mobile device;
  • Sign-off on completed work orders and invoices;
  • Process payments remotely (fully integrated with QuickBooks);
  • Evaluate staff performance by client satisfaction reports, revenue-per-person, and more;
  • Capture lead information and reach out directly to prospects;
  • Track referral sources;
  • Evaluate marketing campaign performance;
  • Set up self-service support channels, such as Intranet resources and owner forums;
  • Manage your website;
  • Review customer correspondence;
  • Communicate in real-time with leads, customers, staff, and franchisors, and much more!

Enterprise-level franchise software solutions

No self-respecting franchise software developer can make the “all-in-one” claim without robust enterprise-level tools. Our franchise software is designed to streamline and optimize all aspects of franchise development, management, and performance.

We designed our franchisor modules to let you:

  • Customize franchise sales processes;
  • Capture, nurture, and convert high-quality leads;
  • Save time and clicks using our one-stop shop for all recruitment and production activities;
  • Streamline communication with leads, brokers, and franchise family members;
  • Easily manage territories (and keep up to date with anniversary dates);
  • Manage Franchise Count for Item 20 in the FDD;
  • Collect P&L data;
  • Carry out intuitive on-boarding of tasks at a glance (pending, overdue, complete, and so on);
  • Track and monitor active franchisees with auto-generated KPI reports and real-time dashboards, complete with system summary charts, year charts, and much more!

Some are skeptical about how a single franchise software design can be deployed across multiple industries, but we do it for franchisors and franchisees every day. And there’s no secret.

It boils down to one thing: we are all current or former franchise owners. Franchisees from various industries collaborated on this project to produce a franchise software whose solutions were both highly specific and extremely flexible. We used strategic business management theory and information systems experience to build something that works in any business climate – at any level – and evolves alongside its user.

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