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Franchise Operations with Software Solutions

Troubleshooting Franchise Operations with Software Solutions

Dec 22, 2017 By

Today, we look at three common problems with franchise operations that our software solutions can solve. Read on to learn if FranchiseSoft could help your business. Operational Problem #1 - Undercapitalization One of the most obvious pitfalls for businesses is undercapitalization, which refers to ...

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Benefit of Franchise Software

The Value of Virtualization: Exploring the Benefit of Franchise Software

Dec 22, 2017 By

In 2017, if your business isn’t virtualized, you’re well behind the curve. Today’s post discusses some of the main benefits of virtualization using FranchiseSoft’s CRM- franchise management software Increase sales. The most important, bottom-line benefit of franchise software is that it...

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Franchise CRM Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Franchise CRM Buyer’s Guide

Dec 11, 2017 By

The holiday season is fast approaching. What better gift to buy your business than a franchise CRM? Buying a franchise CRM is one of the few “quick fixes” that actually works, yielding tangible benefits for sales, marketing, organization, and customer satisfaction within weeks of its installa...

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6 Ways FranchiseSoft Streamlines Franchise Management

6 Ways FranchiseSoft Streamlines Franchise Management

Dec 06, 2017 By

Today’s post shares 6 (okay, 7) ways that FranchiseSoft’s franchise management software streamlines crucial franchisor tasks. Track active franchisees. Our cloud-based franchise management software consolidates all franchisee metrics into a powerful dashboard you can monitor in real time. D...

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Best Franchise Management Software

What Features Make the Best Franchise Management Software?

Nov 27, 2017 By

Today, the FranchiseSoft team outlines 3 fundamental features of franchise management software. Whether you’re on the market for something new, or simply want to audit your current CRM to see how it stacks up against the industry standard, this post will come in handy! Though not an exhaustive ...

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Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM

Why Choose FranchiseSoft for Your Franchise Sales CRM?

Nov 20, 2017 By

According to a study by Entrepreneur magazine, implementing a franchise sales CRM is associated with higher sales, better customer satisfaction ratings, and improved marketing campaign performance. So we know franchise sales CRMs are worthwhile – now you’ve just got to find a good one. “...

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4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

4 Reasons to Use Franchise Operations Software For Your Restaurant Franchise

Nov 15, 2017 By

After outlining a typical restaurant owner profile that may sound familiar, this case study explores 4 ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise operations software can optimize your processes and boost sales. Franchise Operations Software Case Study - The “FranchiseSoft Bar & Grill” Welcome to the...

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Franchise CRM

3 Benefits of Implementing a Franchise CRM

Nov 10, 2017 By

  Today’s post covers 3 benefits of implementing a franchise CRM that apply to franchisees and franchisors in any industry. Cut paper work out of your life. If you’ve been running a franchise for some time without a franchise CRM, you probably don’t want to know how much time you...

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Franchise Accounting Software

4 Ways Franchise Accounting Software Can Improve Your Plumbing Franchise’s Process

Oct 25, 2017 By

Today’s post covers 4 different ways FranchiseSoft’s franchise accounting software can directly improve your plumbing franchise’s process. 1. Coordinate your distributed workforce for error-free accounting. As you already know, a day in the live of a plumber is dynamic, taking you from one j...

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Fitness Franchise

Sell More Memberships to Your Fitness Franchise: 3 Benefits of Franchise Lead Management Software

Oct 18, 2017 By

Today’s post outlines 3 benefits that our franchise lead management software offers fitness franchise owners.  Identify serious prospects automatically.  As you know by now, fitness commitments can be fickle; everybody wants the physical and mental benefits of slimming down, but actually getti...

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