3 Reasons to Implement Franchise Software Systems in 2019

3 Reasons to Implement Franchise Software Systems in 2019

Apr 15,2019 By

In case you aren’t already leveraging their incredible value, today’s post gives you 3 more reasons to consider franchise software systems in 2019:

  • Franchise software systems create more opportunities for automation. Automation is the Holy Grail for business owners, highly valued but tough to get. Simply put, automation equals free productivity–you get something done for your business without having to lift a finger.

    Any kind of task automation is helpful. Over time, even something as simple as automatically porting over franchise lead information from the contact form to your franchisee list can save you hours of dull keystrokes. Automating this simple data entry task frees up your faculties for more valuable duties, like generating leads, supporting franchisees in need, and closing sales.

    Our franchise software systems offer all that and more. Beyond eliminating data entry duties via our auto-porting processes and seamless integration with QuickBooks and other software, FranchiseSoft lets you set-and-forget higher level tasks you never thought possible to run on auto-pilot.

    For instance, FranchiseSoft effectively allows you to automate scheduling via our innovative and empowering schedule management tools. From the Employee Management module, your team members can completely take charge of scheduling tasks using employee management calendars and communications. Schedules can be copied, imported, and modified in real-time. Relevant parties are instantly notified when changes are made, and alerted of any conflicts, overlapping shifts, or overtime. Sharing scheduling responsibilities is normally a headache, but our franchise software systems effectively put the entire process on cruise-control.

    But that’s not all. You can map processes and set triggers to automatically transmit and register communications and follow-up assignments. That means moving leads through the sales cycle automatically. Use the time you would spend sending introductory emails and information packages to convert leads and close sales.

  • Franchise software systems offer powerful reporting and analytics. Every great franchise has exemplary reporting and analytic capacities. To maintain your competitive edge in 2019, you must be able to constantly derive valuable insights about your campaigns, workflows, lead referral sources, communication channels, sales funnels, and franchise performance. And you won’t grow your brand optimally unless you track the rate at which you’re attracting the right target audience, converting qualified leads, and meeting financial goals.

    All of this requires that you implement franchise software systems. There’s simply no way to match the reporting and analytic power of a franchise software system manually–you’d have to spend hours combing through different branches, cross-referencing and collating.

    FranchiseSoft auto-generates reports that highlight key performance indicators, threats, and opportunities that are relevant to your business. These reports are sent automatically to your email according to the schedule you set. In addition, our powerful dashboard displays let you monitor marketing results, franchise performance, and lead statuses in real-time.

  • Franchise software systems minimize onboarding time. FranchiseSoft ensures efficient onboarding by allowing you to: create, assign, and monitor custom training materials; upload all manuals and guides to a shared, private Intranet library for easy access and 24/7 referencing; leverage collective knowledge and support via simplified cross-platform communications; and oversee franchise performance in real-time to pinpoint and remediate problems before they escalate.

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