Why Modularity Matters for Franchise Software

Why Modularity Matters for Franchise Software

Apr 19,2019 By

Modular design is non-negotiable for franchise software, which needs to work equally well for restaurant franchises and field service companies.

Today’s post digs into this topic a little deeper, borrowing findings from modular manufacturing to highlight the benefits of our franchise software modularity.

Franchise Software Lessons Learned From Modular Manufacturing

This tech-savvy spin on the classic 3 major advantages to modular process design and fabrication highlights the value of our modular franchise software design:

  • Faster time to market. Manufacturers recognize that they can dramatically shorten the time it takes to get their products ready to go using modular processes. Modular products can be assembled off-site then transported where they need to go. They can also be fully assembled and tested before they’re shipped, which reduces the amount of on-site start-up time that will be required.

    The same is true of modular franchise software–it can be set up extremely quickly, whether you need a single module or a full-service franchise software system. If you’re looking specifically for franchise software with field service management capabilities, there’s no reason to install a complete system that you’ll never use.

    Choosing modular franchise software lets you focus 100% on what you need, so you cut the learning curve down substantially and get yourfranchise software solution working for you faster. And if you’re looking for a complete system, modular franchise software is the best choice, since each component is designed to fit together. That means you eliminate time-consuming software incompatibility issues and lower the risk of data loss or corruption. You also cut the learning curve down significantly, since you can source all of your software training and support from a single provider who knows the system inside-out.

  • Reduced costs. In the manufacturing world, modular processes lower labor and operational costs due to their shorter project timeline, efficient use of material, and smaller field crew requirements.

    Modular franchise software definitely saves you money. With FranchiseSoft, you pay only for the modules you use, rather than having to buy an entire system with extraneous components that aren’t relevant for your business. And faster “time to market” (AKA onboarding) means employees can go back to being paid for productive work instead of dragging out software training time for weeks. You also save money on troubleshooting and operational costs, since all modules come from a single provider.

  • Better quality assurance (and bug-fixing response time). In the manufacturing world, modular design enhances quality assurance by allowing the producers to test and inspect individual components prior to shipping.

    The mechanism is a little different in the franchise software world, but the end-result is the same: modularity leads to better QA and faster troubleshooting. In this case, the modular design makes it much easier to pinpoint software problems and bugs, since they can be isolated to a single module. This means we can focus developer efforts better than if we had to comb through an entire monolithic franchise software system. Think of it this way: if a doctor needed to find a patient to deliver urgent, life-saving treatment, would you give them a specific room number or simply point at the hospital building?

Learn More About Modular Franchise Software

You can explore all of our franchise software modules in detail by visiting https://franchisesoft.com/. Alternately, you can book a free virtual walkthrough–call 888-302-3676 to speak with a representative.