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3 Recruiting Challenges Franchise Operations Software Helps You Overcome

Mar 26,2018 By

Today, we explain how our franchise operations software obliterates 3 of the most common and costly recruitment challenges franchisors face when trying to build their brands.

Bringing the right franchisees on board isn’t easy. But it’s essential.

Your brand’s long-term success depends on the cooperation, commitment, and competency of your franchisees. But finding the right people isn’t easy.

For many franchisors, hiring boils down to a roll of the dice.

But what if you could load the dice in your favor?

With the right franchise operations software, you can streamline (and de-stress) the entire process. Here’s how FranchiseSoft helps you overcome the toughest parts of recruiting:

Finding the time (and the energy!). 

Without the right tools and information, lead generation is a grind. With so many brands fighting for your lead’s attention, you need to knock it out of the park with your initial emails, opportunity write-ups, and marketing copy. But quality work takes time – a precious commodity, as anyone who’s ever owned a franchise will tell you.

Fortunately, with the right franchise operations software, the early (and most unrewarding) stages of lead generation are streamlined, which frees up time for quality recruiting. Next time you’re grinding through the first draft of an outreach email or piece of marketing copy, consider this: FranchiseSoft allows you to access lead details and correspondence, franchise materials, branding info, and comprehensive performance reports from one app on one device, saving you the time lost in the shuffle between different folders, programs, computers, and files.

Consolidated information, intuitive dashboards, and cross-platform integration are proven time-savers. When you realize how many hours, mouse clicks, and keystrokes these features add to the workweek, our franchise operations software already pays for itself. But in addition to the money saved, you avoid mental burnout, which allows you to bring fresh, vibrant energy and focus to every new lead interaction.

Making a great first impression with prospects.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So the stakes are high when you contact a lead for the first time.

Finding the right people is tough, but capturing their attention without coming across as spam or click bait is truly an art form. And it’s not just about crafting a line that converts leads to prospects – it has to convert the right kinds of people.

But crafting the right outreach is easy when you’ve got detailed data on your target audience, telling you exactly what they want to hear. Fortunately, our franchise development module auto-generates robust pipeline reports to ensure you never miss an opportunity to engage quality candidates.

Nurturing long-term relationships with quality candidates.

Congratulations – you’ve contacted some promising leads.

But the recruiting workload only intensifies once you’ve made contact and begun to build a rapport. Suddenly, delayed correspondence becomes a potential deal-breaker. Now you’re tethered to your device at all hours, refreshing your email, SMS, social media messengers, and lead portal inboxes so as not to keep your lead waiting.

Wouldn’t it be better to consolidate all of these communication channels under a single platform? And what if you were automatically alerted to replies through the same app that holds all lead details, correspondence records, contacts, and calendars?

Surprise – our franchise operations software does it all. Now nurturing long-term relationships with leads is easier than ever. Instantly read new messages, then review your conversation to jump right back in where you left off, before swiping over to the calendar to schedule an interview, all from the same dashboard you use to monitor and run your franchise units.

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