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How to Tell Franchise Software Solutions Can Help Your Brand

Mar 19,2018 By

Today’s post describes common challenges franchisors experience and how our franchise software solutions have helped. If you’re a multi-unit franchise owner embroiled in the struggle of off-site management, read on to learn how and why FranchiseSoft could save you thousands per year.

So you’re struggling to manage multiple franchise locations..

To some, managing multiple franchise locations sounds like a dream come true, but franchising at this level comes with its own set of challenges, including:

  • Lack of team cohesion. Because your teams are spread across multiple locations, staff may not know each other as well. That makes coordinated efforts and team-building opportunities hard to come by. In some cases, this fractured company culture can even create an us-versus-them dynamic.
  • Attenuated logistics. Consistency is key in a franchise system. But administering new promotions and modifying products or services relies on streamlined communications channels that multi-unit owners sometimes lack.
  • Supervisory issues. Many multi-unit franchise owners come to us with concerns about off-site employee management. Unfortunately, without the proper franchise software solutions, the only way to ensure compliance is through direct, in-person supervision. And forget about getting involved in the hiring process; the hassle of having to drive across the country to interview, hire, orient, and train employees is simply not practical for most owners.

As any business consultant will tell you, the key to overcoming these challenges lies in adequate systems, technology, and communication. And that’s where our franchise software solutions come in.

FranchiseSoft unites multi-unit owners under a single brand vision

FranchiseSoft’s allows franchise owners to upload all sales, CRM, training, inventory, and marketing materials to a cloud-based digital library that can be accessed by authorized users at any time, for any device. That means no more guesswork, since the entire team is reading out of the same “playbook.”

FranchiseSoft improves multi-unit collegilaity and cooperation

Communication is key, of course, as even the best intranet reference material can’t help when novel questions arise. And that’s why we invested so much effort into our software’s communicative capabilities. With our franchise software solutions in place, your staff can consult functional forums, broadcast mass messages and alerts, or reach out to specific users through multiple channels on any mobile device.

FranchiseSoft keeps you dialed in with intuitive dashboards and reporting

We designed this software with multi-unit management in mind. A full CRM lays complete dashboards and sales metrics out before you, so you can track leads, marketing performance, job completion, and customer satisfaction reports in real-time.

All this data and more is prepared for you in custom reports that are intuitive, fat-free, and delivered on your schedule. Plus all reports are automatically stored on your cloud server for easy reference and comparative analyses.

FranchiseSoft keeps your workers accountable

Our field service management module is the perfect franchise software solutions for owners struggling to keep remote staff compliant with company processes, giving franchise owners the power to monitor work orders from the client’s first call to final contact. And don’t give up on staying involved with new hires, either. Our robust human resource management system allows you to track employee records, referral sources, orientation, payroll, and more, so you can apply your expertise to manage your franchise’s greatest assets – its people!

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